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In February 2015, methionine market analysis and forecast in March

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A, methionine market overview in February

In February 2015, the first week of the last stage of the stock in the enterprises, in the second week of February holiday of logistics market, spot market cold and cheerless, the arrival of the lunar New Year holiday market towards the closed phase.According to our understanding, solid methionine was quoted at 39.5 yuan/kg, 42 liquid methionine was quoted in 31 - about 32 yuan/kg, spot market tight, follow manufacturers offer guidance, methionine price focus slightly up.By living in farming market, feed production decline significantly, and have afternoon supply increment, some dealers and most feed enterprises for years after the market is not optimistic, low inventory level.Methionine prices as below:


Second, the domestic market supply and demand factors

For: January 2015 solid eggs imported 14348 tons, fell by 1429 tons, year-on-year increase of 234 tons.Liquid eggs imported 846 tons, fell 38%.In January 2015, exports of 294 tons methionine purple light, export price is $6.397 / kg.Market sources said the first batch of new products will be in late march when jay manufacturer to enter the domestic market, into the country in the second quarter of evonik capacity in Singapore, has imported manufacturer said to cut production, domestic arrival delay case.Domestic purple light monthly output is low, the main export is given priority to, later have a willingness to raise production.

Need: pig prices weak turbulence in February, according to the ministry of agriculture pig amount of monitoring data show that continue to fall, the national regional trading price range during the Spring Festival in 5.9 to 6.3 yuan/kg, is located in the loss of territory.Poultry market in accordance with the H7N9 outbreak, the government of guangdong province during the Spring Festival on February 19 and 28 were closed to the province so live poultry market, Shanghai live poultry market seasonal holiday from February 19th to April 30.Aquaculture market is pale, feed production enterprises have varying degrees of decline, more bearish on methionine market demand.

Third, the European methionine market dynamics

Early in the European market, European market supply is still tight, key customers said the second quarter in the contract price 35.17 35.99 yuan/kg (4.25 4.35), historical records show that this should be a larger European key customers for the first time is about 4 euro in the second quarter of the contract price.Continue to develop or end users to worry about such as the French transport strike may influence the future supply, there is an important production in the second quarter of European maintenance period, it will cause a producers have to carefully control the supply of February to April.The methionine production has returned to normal, but for some European customers, logistics industry to the methionine supply effect is obvious.

Mid to late: the European market for Europe to end users in the second quarter of the goods, methionine prices rising in European market.A large number of large users said they had been signed in the second quarter.Early in the price of 35.89 yuan/kg (4.30 euro) no longer exists, the current supplier of the lowest quotation has been raised to 36.73 38.40 yuan/kg (4.40 4.60).European end-users said supply is slightly improved in recent weeks, but the end user because of a big us manufacturers don't like to confirm the second quarter of the supply, leading to some tight supply situation in the market.

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