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Look from McDonald's new breeding with antibiotics

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According to the Beijing times reported that the morning Beijing time on March 5, McDonald's U.S. company announced it would stop selling using the chicken of human antibiotics, not human growth hormone injections and provide the milk of cows, this reform is expected to finish in two years.

It is understood that this policy will only apply to McDonald's about 1.4 restaurants in the United States, temporarily not influence abroad, including China, 2.2 restaurants.

After many people read the above news sigh with emotion: "americans have no antibiotics on chicken!"Moreover also in the circle of friends called on everyone to use don't eat McDonald's the way to resist the discrimination of the Chinese market behavior, then McDonald's this behavior whether means that americans eat chicken without antibiotics, no antibiotics chicken really healthier?

Modern farming and antibiotics

Modern population is much larger than the ancient, in order to meet the needs of mankind a lot of animal protein, modern breeding is farmed animals usually live in closed more than natural, more concentrated of space, and density makes such creatures before enough to be a infectious disease populations of bacteria will have a chance to wreak havoc.

Under the current level of science and technology, antibiotics can relatively effectively inhibit the spread of bacteria, become the important means of maintaining this cultivation mode.

Second, some antibiotics in the case of low dose can improve the dressing percentage of animal, also makes the antibiotics used in aquaculture.

Focus is to stop using human antibiotics

Antibiotic residues although there are security risks, but as long as meet the relevant safety standards, the harm to human body is quite small, but the biggest security hidden danger of breeding use of antibiotics is antibiotic resistance.

Low dose of an antibiotic for a long time, will make the bacteria have the immunity of the antibiotics, if breeding is using human antibiotics, so with human antibiotic bacteria could infect the human immunity, difficult to control the damage.

The McDonald's announced to stop using the muscles of the human antibiotics is concerned about this, if really do farming separation with antibiotics and human use of antibiotics, so timely appear immune to breed with antibiotics bacteria will not affect human health.

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