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Corn spot market and forecast today [14.2.11]

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  One, last night, this morning

1, li keqiang, crack development problem by brainstorming.

2, a new round of "going out" support policy making.

3, February Sentix investor confidence index is 13.3, the euro zone before the value of 11.9.

4, 2020, the national meat rations 29 kg per capita consumption of 135 kilograms

5, the central bank 450 billion reverse repurchase due this week or will continue to reverse repurchase hedge.

6, the ministry of finance ministry of civil affairs again stir the winter and spring relief funds of $1.46 billion.

7, who planning: the vaccine will make examination and approval according to the developments and listing

  Second, the spot market

The northeast region: origin deep processing enterprises begin to buy

Because the farmers still immersed in a festive mood, as a whole did intend to, part of the lack of quality of the farmers of corn supplies condition, eager to did;And traders this year due to the large number of acquisitions, storage in the market have been less chance, after collecting food enthusiasm is not high, still for the most part have been converted to store in the collection, or exit the market directly;Northeast deep processing enterprise first to restore takeover activity at present, some enterprises purchase price rebounded from years ago.

North China region: farmers did intend to relatively weak enterprises begin to buy

After the festival, the north China enterprises gradually restore takeover activity, as companies raw material inventory relative abundance, combined with recent days gate receipts are relatively stable, some companies cut price, and which gradually cautious traders delivery.Now after during the year, and snow weather in recent days, north China farmers did intend is still weak, is expected to gradually did after the fifteenth day of the first, but the north China region did progress from last year is still slow, price is difficult to have a big rise in the short term.

XiaoOu: feed business inventories relatively sufficient limited prices weak demand

Currently XiaoOu give priority to in order to digest inventory in the enterprises, and export feed demand is limited, enterprise production control, material requirement is not big.So around corn basic XiaoOu to maintain stability, weeks is expected to extend the market.Currently XiaoOu majority of corn feed enterprises inventory to the end of February, march, late on the market.Early concentrated market of live pigs, piglets column and not very ideal, in the next period of time will reduce corn demand.

North-south port: the port inventories are still high at present market situation as light as a feather

North and south port corn prices stable, festivals has a price no city, makes little sense to offer.Inventory: north and south port inventories are still high, the north port stocks more than 300, southern port inventory of over 1 million tons.And southern port shipment quantity is less, the port market this week will be light, pay close attention to the late high quality corn accounted for, if the number of high quality corn is limited, the price fall will be limited.

Forage breeding: CunLanLiang and excess supply of pig stock market is difficult to improve in a short time

Three weeks before and after the Spring Festival, the national pig market first in the first fall to periodic lows, pig grain price fell to 5.3:1, lean pork prices fell to 5.9 yuan/kg, first stop falling stabilising, after a slight rebound.All over the country most lean prices at about 6.1 to 6.4 yuan/kg.About one and half months before the Spring Festival began to slump continued until the Spring Festival, during the southern do bacon, northern kill swine are reverse the situation, and our previous analysis to predict exactly the opposite, and it is appeared for the first time in nearly 10 years before the Spring Festival peak season demand pig fell below the cost line and fell to a depth of losses.The main reason is that demand is far lower than expected, common cause market panic selling, slaughtering enterprises demand a large amount and concentration.

Processing: the price of corn starch continued downturn overall stable alcohol market operation

With festival atmosphere turned pale, the consumption of alcohol when it meets cold already products, market prices continued downward, among them, the test range, high-grade liquor is most obvious, about a third of the original sales price.Low consumption and high product inventory for today's corporate profits into crisis.Starch, buying and selling relatively stable during the festival, offer the whole and recently years ago.Starch enterprises vulnerable adjustment, raw material purchase price, shandong province, part of the corporate price momentum has continued for days, but at relatively low.

  Third, today's forecast

Today's domestic corn market sales will remain delicate situation, price of corn is given priority to with stability, local weak;The northeast deep processing enterprise purchase price stability;North China corn prices overall stability, farmers did intend to weak;XiaoOu enterprise recent inventory activities slow start, the price will be weaker stability.After the festival, the main body to receive sales activities will gradually recover, but slow, the corn market will be flat as a whole.

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