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In 2014 the fishmeal market watch "immediately"

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  This online is already in January 2014, suddenly look back, 2013 fish market is a sad tears, looking forward to our new 2014, fishmeal market will be out of a wave of how spectacular?The static books interview on fish meal industry predecessors, related explosive solutions fish meal for us market hot spots.There are more than half a month of time, is our "year of the horse".Overnight, all kinds of "rich" immediately, "immediately a room," "have a car right away", "immediately" and so on become network hot words.Weak rectified fishmeal market, entered the stage of stock during New Year's day, inventories declined obviously, traders mentality is supported to some extent.Fish market, you will ride the wave tide of "immediately", in 2014 to show?Please pay attention to this issue: in 2014, the fish market watch "immediately".

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Built in 2013 a, what do you think of fishmeal prices in deep down what are the main factors?

I think the most important cause of the fishmeal prices declined steeply quota is 810000 tons.Excessive overdraw the price, in short a few months, outside dish and domestic prices hit a record high.Modified formula feed enterprises, therefore, may reduce the largest fishmeal use than columns.Second, the supply of 2013 domestic fish meal, unexpectedly met the many large enterprises in the first half of the dosage of fish meal.Again, not the mainstream national fish meal imports, counterfeiting fishmeal, filled the gap.Bad weather was the last straw, crushed all traders' expectations.

  Here, the book also think.810000 tons of quota of Peru, although largely promoted the fishmeal prices, but also challenges the feed enterprise bear nerve, lower the feed factory to bear a minimum.As a result, after 810000 tons, in the face of the first half of 2013, 2.07 million tons of a relatively neutral less quotas, feed mills can also obviously relieved.

Second, in the process of the fishmeal ups and downs, our fish meal traders mentality change what's been happening?The back of the fish market is more and more toward cash-rich companies together?

I think, as long as the imported fish meal, funds in profit would be to take the risk.Traders want to earn in the ups and downs is the biggest difference.May be over the years, everyone has such a consensus: how many fish is the person in charge of Peru, get or can't catch fish, that is the god in charge.Domestic trade are decision-making in confusion.Analysis from the state of mind, no change.High prices, or someone comes into play.Injury is serious, not out, low price, or doing.Every year there are new faces into fishmeal market, of course, there are old face farewell.

The market is open, the competition is fierce.Have thousands of feed processing enterprises, large and small distribution throughout the country, has not formed into a pattern of monopoly, so it is difficult to form oligarch fishmeal market.Have the funds, do not necessarily have the market, there is a market, lack of funds.With money, there is a market, do big, there are ups and downs of the risk.Fish meal market, therefore, like a sea, a big fish, also have a small fish, they are symbiosis in the sea, is harmonious, so traders also is such.

Three, how do you think of this phenomenon?In the coming years, if the status of Peruvian fishmeal producers will be moved?

For now, Peru is still the world's largest supplier of fish meal.Peruvian fishmeal production per year, depending on his doorstep resources that the fish in the sea, there are many uncertain factors.But the feed formula of fish meal protein raw materials, there is no other protein raw materials can be replaced, the rigid demand cannot be changed.Other country's fish meal, such as the United States, Mexico, intelligence, Ecuador, etc., from the quality, the factory accept habit, can't change the Peruvian fishmeal market dominance, unless the Peruvian waters without fish, but it seems to be impossible.So, the vendor's offer of Peru, is still the most say.

Four, for fish meal market in 2014, how do you think will be the status of the operation?

What you said is good, in the first half of 2014, the overall supply more relaxed, but domestic fish meal is much less than last year, but will not have much impact.Reason is that in 2013 carried forward to the 2014 inventory around 140000 tons, plus the amount of Peruvian fishmeal reach may be around 300000 tons.Look from the structure of supply and demand, price won't appear big ups and downs, is the only uncertainty of Peru A whaling season quota.But even surprise, also can appear in the second half of the year.For 2014, fishmeal market judgment: the global climate, without exception, the domestic feed capacity is no big change, domestic demand is stable, but the fish meal prices will fluctuate, may of this year's high in 7,8,9 this three months, run to which price range, this says to not be clear about, can only wait and see.

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