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The central bank said: do a good job in financial services is the escort industry

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The people's bank of China about earnestly do a good job in the poultry industry financial service work

Silver hair [2014] no. 69

The people's bank of China Shanghai headquarters, all branches, business management department, the provincial capital (capital) city center branch, deputy provincial city central sub-branch, China development bank, the policy Banks, state-owned commercial Banks, joint-stock commercial Banks, postal savings bank of China:

The spate of H7N9 flu outbreak since 2013, poultry enterprise and farmers in parts of our country large market shocks and economic losses, affect the sustainable development of poultry industry.In support of poultry enterprise and farmers steady production, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the poultry industry, regarding the notify is as follows:

One, to ensure that the current poultry enterprise and farmers to normal production and operation of the money supply.

The poultry industry, which is an important part of agriculture, to ensure the supply of the people's livelihood, price stability, promoting agricultural development and farmers' income to get rich and so on all is of great significance.Branches of the people's bank and the banking financial institutions to further diagnostic screening, timely grasp the epidemic dynamics, poultry companies and farmers are faced with the difficult to ascertain, formulate feasible contingency plans and financial service plan, make full poultry farmers industrialization leading enterprises, professional cooperatives, and other kinds of poultry production and operation of financial services.

Second, flexible loan term and method of repayment.

According to the principle of "discrimination, classification ShiCe", flexible determine poultry enterprise and farmers affected by H7N9 flu outbreak of loan term and method of repayment.Due to H7N9 outbreak, on December 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 expiration repayment difficulties during the period of poultry enterprises and farmers, according to the specific circumstances appropriate extension to pay, roll up to a year.The poultry issued to the enterprises and farmers loans, the banking financial institutions shall not take loans ahead of time.For examination and approval, which have not been issued by the poultry enterprise and farmers loans, the banking financial institutions to issue in time, must not borrow.New loans to poultry enterprises and farmers, can take a revolving loan, sectional reimbursement, grace period, such as flexible way of payment, reduce the expiration repayment pressure.

Third, reasonable loan interest rates, reduce the poultry industry financing costs.

Financial institutions should be based on poultry enterprise and farmers credit status and reimbursement ability reasonable loan interest rates;For epidemic prevention in place, the credit is good but during H7N9 influenza outbreak in poultry interest on overdue enterprises and farmers, and encourage financial institutions to avoid penalty.On previous management specification, high credit, but because of the flu outbreak cause temporarily difficult poultry enterprises and farmers, to decrease the guarantee and counter guarantee requirements, reduce the financing cost.All financial institutions outside the interest on the loan may not be additional charge, shall not sell products or attach other financing costs to increase.

Four, establishing the emergency mechanism of the poultry industry financial services.

Banking financial institutions for production standard management, good credit history but temporary liquidity squeezes the poultry enterprises and farmers, to actively open up green credit channel, according to the principle of center office, meet the conditions of its credit emergency loan demand will give full support, in time of emergency loan term up to two years.For poultry processing, fixed-point slaughtering eligible credit demand, the banking financial institutions to reduce the credit approval process, improve the efficiency of loan approval, to ensure that loans in a timely manner.Encourage banking financial institutions to create new ways of credit and guarantees, for poultry enterprise and farmers emergency fund demand and new rebuilt slaughter and other professional, cold storage, collection and storage facilities in the infrastructure construction of money demand, appropriate to increase credit support during the outbreak of an epidemic.

Fifth, strengthen financial policy support.

Branches of the people's bank of China to support agriculture further credits, the use of small reloan, banking financial institutions to increase support for the poultry industry loans more strength.Solid county corporate financial institutions to conduct new deposit a percentage to the local loan evaluation work and the agricultural credit policy guidance effect evaluation work, improve the county legal person willingness and ability of financial institutions to support the development of the poultry industry.

Sixth, strengthen credit policy and related policies and coordination.

Branches of the people's bank of China should actively promote the local government for discount and subsidies and policy guarantee measures, focus on increasing family used in feed, the leading enterprises in the poultry epidemic prevention materials, artificial, commercial poultry farmers contract payment, slaughtering, collection and storage of loan discount dynamics, lightens the poultry enterprise burden of interest and repayment pressure.Everywhere are encouraged to establish agricultural loan risk compensation mechanism, loans to financial institutions in the poultry industry support for loss compensation.

Advise branches of the people's bank of China will be the rapid forward to related banking financial institutions within their respective jurisdictions, and to coordinate and organize policy implementation work.

The people's bank of China

On March 10, 2014

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