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A flash in the pan fish meal prices?

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In 2014, the year of the horse after the Spring Festival, fishmeal market give us to a "success", after the second week of work, fish traders from outside dish rose to support an increase in the price of fish meal, gains in 200-300 yuan.As the price of fish meal has more than a week's time has stabilized, the fish meal market discussion more warmly than fish meal later how, the rose is a flash in the pan, or really opened up the channel?

Discuss hot spots a: Peru fish meal outside dish, quota amount

With Peru on January 31, 2014 in north-central quarterly quota end of fishing, north of 2014 years in the first quarter quota once again become a hot spot in the market.During the Spring Festival in China, the European buyers purchasing Peruvian fish meal, Peru, fish stocks dropped to below 100000 tons, fish meal outside dish with the firm.Super steam level in Peru fish meal reference CNF at $1560 / ton, compared to before the Spring Festival rose $20.

On February 7,, on the other hand, there is news that the second half of Peru's waters in Peru the possibility of an el nino weather.This spread within the circle of domestic fish meal, reports that this season is a small quota chance is bigger, some think in 2 million tons.And on February 11, left and right sides, Peru has begun to Marine resources exploration, is expected to be back in early April survey results.So far, there has been no any definite news of quota.By convention, the first quarter of each year's quota for big quota, generally in the 300-300 tons.According to the previous fishing anchovy, static book think quota in 250 tons.

  Heated debate 2: fish meal stocks have to port will appear a large backlog?

In the second half of last year China's cumulative purchasing Peruvian fishmeal new season more than 300000 tons, the fish will be gradually in the first half of this year to the port of destination.After the Spring Festival, 7 weeks shipment port of fish meal is good, Shanghai meal delivery can reach more than 600 tons.Into the 8 weeks, port shipment fell to 400-500 tons.New season fishmeal unceasingly the arrival of the goods, and delivery, lead to port stocks rising trend.So far the port inventory in 142000 tons of fish meal, in the same period last year to 120000 tons, up 18.3% from a year earlier.At present, huangpu, 62000 tons, 17000 tons of fuzhou, Shanghai, 42000 tons, 06000 tons of tianjin, dalian, 09200 tons of fangcheng port 01300 tons, 04200 tons of other port.Southern port stock than last year, while the northern port less than last year.In terms of mentality, has the northern port traders mentality is more strong.Port of fish meal to take goods are now a part of aquatic feed, pig feed enterprises, special farming enterprises, generally in dozens of tons/time (including since mention to buy).According to the current shipment, arrival rates, the late fishmeal inventory will continue to grow.Whether the formation pressure, to look at the level of consumption of three to four month during.

 Three: discussion hotspot pigs, aquaculture, what will happen?

2014 pig price first fall in 10 years, the Spring Festival is the pig market average at around 11.99 yuan/kg, farmers losses in 190 yuan/head.Farmers fill column negative, piglet price is 17.7 yuan/kg, compared to the same period last year dropped 26% of 24 yuan/kg.And according to the static book, since the Spring Festival starts, most of the pig feed enterprises, the phenomenon of the year-on-year decline in sales.At present, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong and other regions of bass, tilapia into seedlings in busy season, at the same time, turtle, turtle breeding products become one of the groups supporting fish consumption.Fishmeal consumption, open-air prawns, has been gradually began to around in April.Before April, therefore, is expected to appear on the larger amount of fishmeal consumption market difficult situation.As for the whole situation of aquaculture, this year also need to continue to observe.

To sum up: another year quota at the open, high outside dish Fried attract buyers once again become the present tense atmosphere.Currently support domestic fish meal for fish meal outside dish that the important factors, domestic no substantive good.Unless the Peruvian fishmeal market to release the other big news about the quota, otherwise the fishmeal continued to rise out of steam.At the same time, domestic fish meal to Hong Kong this year in the hope that we pay close attention to, once the stock concentration, 4, 5 month quota of 2.5 million tons, the fish market behavior under the big probability event.

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