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On February 24, grease oil, soybean meal futures feed earlier

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Oil and feed: Chicago board of trade (CBOT) soybean futures jumped 1% on Friday, September 16 days hit the highest, traders said supported by strong export demand.In late march the CBOT soybean futures in a wave of buying leads above the $13.71 3/4 a weekly high resistance level, the market is bullish sign.March to settle at $13.70-3/4, soybean futures rose 12-1/2 cents a share, up 2.6% this week.. The United States department of agriculture report on Friday, a weekly soybean exports of 835400 tons, is higher than the market forecast of 15-500000 tons.The United States department of agriculture has 2014-15 annual American soybean production market is expected to hit a record 3.55 billion bushels, nearly twice as much for the domestic libraries carry forward.Despite the current within the vulnerability is weak, but this kind of phenomenon cannot continue for a long time, estimates that domestic soybean and feed catch up today.But it don't chase after go up, but to take down to buy, rose more than flat warehouse strategy.RM1501, for example, it is suggested that today while rose above 2320 partial flat spot more warehouse, if it is falling consider buy near 2300.Adhere to in the long run.

Grease: Chicago board of trade (CBOT), soybean oil futures rose on Friday, rebound more than expected.Soybean oil futures settled in March 40.95 cents, up 0.38 cents.Malaysian palm oil rose to a near a year and a half high.But look from the technical indicators, oil recovery has been basically in place, and up the space is limited, consider partial short soybean oil.But had better choose to do more for agricultural products trading varieties, now choose soybean meal and rapeseed meal to buy than soybean oil or vegetable oil to sell more.

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