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Rain will help Argentina soybean crop growth higher rainfall in some regions

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Argentina Buenos Aires on February 24 news: the department of agriculture's latest weekly report, said in the past week of rain is good for 2013/14 soybean and corn crops of basic, but also result in some areas of planting conditions.

In December and January of this year, the hot, dry weather in Argentina, for late sowing of soybean and corn crops pose a threat.Worries about Argentina production is impaired, soybeans and corn prices also rose.The Argentine, but in February after the rain.

February 21, the ministry of agriculture in the department's weekly, according to the current rainfall contribute to the improvement of the general situation of soybean crop.Early sowing soybean crop excellent rating, 85% higher than last week's 83%.Late sowing soybean crop fine rate was 73%.

But Argentina's ministry of agriculture also warned in the report, said in some parts of the soybean crop may suffer because too much rain.

Buenos Aires cereals exchange and meteorological agency said that in the early last week rain too much can lead to plant disease which, in turn threaten yield of soybean.

Argentina's ministry of agriculture in the report released on Thursday, 2013/14 soybean planting area down to 50.2 million acres, is lower than the previous forecast of 51.4 million acres, the reason is that the first few weeks of the dry weather.Now have begun to Argentina's corn harvest, this year's corn planting area is estimated to be 14 million acres.

Argentina's ministry of agriculture has not yet been released on 2013/14 for soybeans and corn yield forecast.Buenos Aires cereals exchange forecast soybean yield is 53 million tons, maize yield is 23.5 million tons.

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