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July 1, import feed registration shall entrust a third party

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Import feed products in order to regulate the market, on January 20, the ministry of agriculture issued a 2014 call to arms: 2 the import registration measures for the administration of feed and feed additives (hereinafter referred to as the "new" method ", "), as of July 1, 2004 of the import registration measures for the administration of feed and feed additives (hereinafter referred to as the "old" method ", ") shall be repealed simultaneously.

The industry believes that the new "method" the content of the supplement is basically in the enterprise practice, just haven't clear hint, perform elasticity is larger, after 2 order to launch in 2014, more refined process, is expected to improve the import of feed and feed additives after registration and management of administrative execution.

Import shall entrust China agent

Article 4 of the new "method", the provisions of article 21, 22 foreign enterprises apply for registration of import, shall entrust an agency in China is dealt with;Overseas enterprise shall obtain the feed and feed additives in within 6 months from the date of import registration certificate, to set up sales agency in China or commissioned sales agency and submitted to the ministry of agriculture for the record.

, shenzhen ruixiang trade co., LTD., vice general manager of Meng Jie, said early large foreign enterprises can apply for registration of import, may not find the third party agencies, after the introduction of new "method", then we must entrust a third party."The benefits of the third party is familiar with, faster."

Learned, including the United States Campbell, OTT, foreign companies such as Mr Ming, they all products for export to China is to choose the import and export trade and business cooperation to register, the current approval system of mature foreign enterprise most has in this way.

Emphasis on food safety and environmental impact

New "method" in article 13 of the detailed lists six products, including "exports to China has not been used but producer in China has already approved the production and use of feed, feed additives, feed additives, expand the scope of application; feed additives content specifications below the safe use of feed additives regulations" and so on, to the ministry of agriculture test review, the detail is far higher than the old "method".

New "method" article 7 also increase the content of the food and environmental safety, the requirements of article 13 of 6 products, apply for registration, import feed additive shall also provide the feed additives in aquaculture product residues may affect human health assessment report and environmental impact analysis report.

To this, guangzhou livestock animal nutrition co., LTD., vice general manager of treasure Jia Yanlin believes that there are providing environmental impact report, residual products are rare, relevant rules will be more and more in the future."Developed countries pay attention to food, security, environmental protection problems early, such as the European Union have long been required import feed are 1 ~ 3 years of residual test."

Jia Yanlin believes that the new "method" has been clear about the need to remain report, environmental impact report of 6 products, help to improve the efficiency of declaration."Many products and approval before long, the reason is to add more, the report was delayed time is stated in the new" method ", the enterprise and approval is much faster."

Clear product recall system is put forward

Mentioned in article 25 of the new "method", outside the enterprise sales agency in China or the sales agency shall voluntarily recalling the products specified in the preceding paragraph, record the recall, and report to the local administrative department of the feed.Recalled products shall be in local people's government at or above the county level shall feed administrative department of the disposal or destroyed under the supervision.

Majority of respondents thought, is the dispute at present a lot of feed products, the circumstances of the recalled products of the enterprise."In fact, every year, the ministry of agriculture will be found out at least two qualified imports, or even revoke the registration license."Meng Jie told me that the new "method" the recall system, is helpful to solve disputes justly and objectively.

Meng Jie said early domestic farm use imported feed products more than the pursuit of brand-name products in developed countries, and some countries in southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America in recent years are also began to export to China of feed products, not every import products are high quality, are not all suitable for domestic farming the status quo."Now imports also becomes good and evil people mixed up, import registration system more and more strict must be a trend."

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