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The great age of the animal husbandry, enterprise competition has already entered into system

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China's rapid development of agriculture and animal husbandry industry is accompanied by the reform and opening up, in the 30 years, is "jiangshan generation have talent".In 2013, someone for small and medium-sized enterprise's future is full of gloomy mood;Also some fierce competition for the future full of fear;Of course, even if is the enterprise looks today or the wind, is still facing great pressure, many feed additive on the management of enterprises and face the same problem in spirit, just assume they are in silence, not announced to the world.Antimicrobial peptides

 Small and medium-sized enterprises want to in a systematic way of thinking

The word system is often talked about, but most people are not very clear system really is what things?Simple said system is a group of interrelated collection of individuals.Famous scientist qian xuesen, said: "the system is composed of interaction, mutual dependence of several parts, organic whole with specific functions. The organic whole and its subordinate part of a larger system."In agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises, people, resources, these "hard stuff" and organization, processes, standards, management and supervision, improving the "soft" constitute the enterprise the management system.Enterprise is accomplished by running of people, goods, content management goal, but the line of people, goods, transport need each system support.After a lot of research, we find that in addition to the enterprise's core competitive ability resource (exclusive), technology (leading), talent (scarce), system capability is particularly important.

 Small and medium-sized enterprises to "deep thinking, fast execution"

There is no doubt that is the advantage of small and medium-sized enterprises "ship small well run".They can be more flexible, but not to "overdraft" this kind of flexible.Enterprise is small, but need strategy, need to adhere to, to a certain extent, formatting.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises have a common characteristic: is the "variable".Why is "variable"?Reason is the lack of deep thinking before action, and action once didn't produce the established results, quickly changed again.This has nothing to do with the size of the enterprise, but the myth on the way of thinking.For all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprise strategy and strategic objectives should be prudent, deep thinking, while on the concrete implementation should stay the course on the basis of moderate flexibility.

  Small and medium-sized enterprises should focus on building can be gene replication

Industrialized era make material supply ability is greatly increased, the prosperity of the world rapidly changing.Industrialization has three characteristics: 1 tools;2 standardization;3 replication.This is to improve the production efficiency of several key factors.Small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) if we can deeply understand the mysteries of the three characteristics, will make oneself quickly into the development of the highway.

An industry, competition more fully, the enterprise's own health index is higher, otherwise it is hard to win in the competition, even hard to survive.Is not only the farming industry, all of the industry, as the result of the competition at the end of the day, must be a systematic ability competition.

Now, many enterprises still addicted to technology, costs, marketing and so on a single advantage of victory, if not quickly establish the idea of winning the system, the road will be more and more difficult to walk.For some companies, we as a gaffer is to see the value of their resources, and the context, themselves to constantly changing, constantly imitation of large enterprises.We believe that this choice is definitely wrong, agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises should do more, is a continuous system, firmly build ability!

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