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According to 2014: the future of the enterprise in where?

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In 2014, the feed industry is the recovery for a year.Because the downstream aquaculture trough, the upstream raw materials cost pressure to reduce.Feed leading enterprises will improve competition barriers through the platform, provide professional technology, management, information, finance and other integrated services, differentiated competition, promote farming income as far as possible, and then share the cake bigger, share the fruits of ascension.

Now China has changed a lot;A decade later, change will be bigger.

Feed industry.

What would it be like tomorrow?This is very important.It determines the feed enterprises should take countermeasures.The industry has not the same?Maybe change is not so obvious, but the change of the years, slowly becomes a trend.

 Found that changes in

Change itself is eternal, stand at the height of industry see a problem, stand in the perspective of consumer, changes could be detected.At about age, and in this time around.

1, a growing number of feed companies will disappear.There are two kinds of situations: one is pulling out of the market in the competition.Including closed, restructuring, bankruptcy, etc., to small and medium-sized enterprise for;2 it is face in developing the forage yield of top ten enterprises in 2012, new hope, zhengda, Winchester, positive bond, tong wei, tang dynasty god, shandong hui do not think of themselves as feed companies in Asia Pacific.Announced on September 23, 2013, DBN's undertaking, worth RMB 100 pigs, aimed at pig whole industrial chain business leaders in China, is no longer considered themselves into feed enterprises.

2, profits into the downlink channel.In two aspects: one is because of China's demographic dividend disappear and raw material market higher operating costs in line with international standards,2 it is because of market competition caused profit margins decline, the good old days of a ton of feed earn hundreds of thousands of let a person yearn to become a legend, money becomes difficult.

3, capital to reign.Along with the ascension of the maturity of the industry, the characteristics of labor intensive and capital intensive industry will gradually appear and dominant, there will be more feed enterprises seeking listing.In the face of capital strength, small and medium enterprises will become the object of hunting.

4, the Internet industry.Feed enterprises should understand the people, information and speed oriented enterprise strategy formulation and implementation, implementation by agricultural thought, industrialization thought to change thinking from the Internet.Different from the original office automation and the construction of the website, this time will be mobile Internet, e-commerce and network technology service platform and efficient network management platform.

Feed industry is bound to be a comprehensive Internet, for the feed enterprises, can't keep pace with The Times, means backward, and behind will be beaten.

5, "mixed management" era.Feed industry "mixed management" phenomenon is outstanding, the future will be more outstanding, because only extends the industrial chain can better improve the ability to resist risks, industry chain will become the mainstream of a line feed enterprises choose.

6, "the third industry" into the nuggets blue ocean.A strong industry, cannot leave the support of the third industry.Financial services, data services, information services and communication services, brand services, mobile Internet services will be growing wild.

7, modern animal husbandry to speed up the transition process.Is a policy to promote, the other is the consumption of the drive.The development of modern animal husbandry, pay attention to the industrial development and environmental protection, land carrying capacity should be fully considered and given ability, reasonable planning, walk the road of "circular economy".

8, the digital stop wildfires.

Digital wildfire means very quickly spread false sensitive information on the Internet."Banana" in hainan banana losses, "rob salt affair" trigger chaos in the national salt market, "drug residue chicken" the chicken farming losses, "H7N9 bird flu" hit domestic poultry industry.

Due to the importance of food safety, agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises, especially the listed company, the public opinion environment more complex, the investor relations management of listed companies, financial institutions, online reputation management, public opinion and so on all put forward higher challenge.

 In the future, how to do?

Times have changed, the old have been ineffective.Do enterprise is trends that come from?From the discoveries of the right, this needs us to more understand the consumer.

Current problem of feed enterprises vision is not enough, did not see the society as a whole, the change of the whole industry development.Then, the reasons of the success of yesterday, became a source of failure tomorrow.

We now look at nokia, very pity.So, the more the more large-scale feed enterprises, to be afraid.

New hope and equity joint chiefs of staff chairman and CEO Chen Chunhua think, agriculture and animal husbandry industry in the future there are three important things: first, based on the efficiency of drive components.Second, based on the value of the whole industry chain.Third, based on the consumption side provide reliability.

 So, how to do in the future?

1, the refinement of professional ability.This is the foundation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the future.Our country determines the breeding environment, as long as your product and service quality to excellent, you can achieve the survival and development.

2, PK operation efficiency.It's small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) and physical.If no difference have professional ability, efficiency is the key.Excellent professional skills plus to operational efficiency, you can achieve a certain scale.

3, fully embrace the Internet.In the Internet age, if you business, service is the traditional way, so there is no future.More and more people in their own work, life and moved to the network, if you don't hug network, they will be to embrace others.So, I think whether it is large enterprise or small and medium-sized enterprises, have to embrace the Internet.

4, go up the internationalization.I always believe that internationalization is a important part of the process for future development of China animal husbandry.Involves resources, market, capital and technology of the if large-scale feed enterprises have the ability to work, so there will be a great space.Raise due to the natural resources of our country, population, serious don't match, in the long run, if you want to, no longer only internationalization way out.

5, focus on consumers.In the past, is according to pull the breeding;Today is the breeding effect feed;In the future, are decided according to consumer side.We have a lot of feed enterprises, the production has a very good quality meat, milk and eggs, but always sell but shuanghui, yurun, mengniu, profit is also much less, because we didn't go to the consumer end.

From the focus on breeding, to focus on the consumer end, this is a big change.Through the transformation, from the original focus on production to the cognition to the brand, the cognition to the consumer, it is a big adjustment.This adjustment is necessary, because the industry is finally evaluation by consumers, and farming industry's biggest opportunity in this.

 In 2014, according to what?

The feed tag (GB 10648-2013) will come into effect on July 1, 2014, the catalogue of feed additive varieties (2013) will come into effect on February 1, 2014, "feed quality and safety management specification" and "registration measures for the administration of import of feed and feed additives will be released soon, 2014 is the national agricultural products quality and safety supervision...

In 2014, the feed industry is the threshold to continue to push up for one year.

In 2014, the feed industry is the recovery for a year.Because the downstream aquaculture trough, the upstream raw materials cost pressure to reduce.Feed leading enterprises will improve competition barriers through the platform, provide professional technology, management, information, finance and other integrated services, differentiated competition, promote farming income as far as possible, and then share the cake bigger, share the fruits of ascension.

In 2014, is the feed industry to integrate a year.New hope and, tong wei, DBN's undertaking, worth, such as tang dynasty god or have on capital operation.

In fact, I don't focus on these problems, because has been 2014 years.

After learned from it is very important to look ahead, to think and do, today should be for three years or five years later.Only in this way, can the enterprise gain the initiative in the competition, there is no longer, break through the original dilemma.

In short, if you want to read the future development of feed industry, feed enterprises policymakers need to seriously study of industry information and data, and then to judge by his own experience and wisdom, so need professional height, the accuracy of actual combat, mind open to strategic literacy support, etc.And face in 2014, the enterprise must from scale expansion to growth effectively, by providing products to provide product reliability.

In the feed industry, as long as you are than the somebody else, more diligent, more adept at summary, in the next few years, survive is certainly no problem.If you pay attention to professional capacity building, with a strong force of a product or service, you will be able to achieve a certain scale.But if you want to have more space in the future, so do the industry chain extension, fully embrace the Internet, international layout, focus on the consumption side, make its own business model, and is forced to choose.

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