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Han changfu 2014 agricultural work request at five o 'clock

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On February 11, in the afternoon, the ministry of agriculture held 2014 key exchange working arrangements.Minister of agriculture han changfu at the meeting stressed that must further unified thought, clear thinking, scientific layout, deep thinking, research, focus on focus, get the main direction, the breakthrough point, to ensure that work from the start, grip and grip, always keep vigorous state of mind, with good style to ensure all work into effect.

 Han changfu five aspects are presented for how to highlight the focus on implementation requirements.

  A, is to grasp the key.Grasp work must first priorities, grasp the principal contradiction, grasp the key link.This year's priority is the "three plus one"."Three", one is paying special attention to the food security, one thousand ways to gain grain harvest, pay special attention to the other at the same time the production and the effective supply of major agricultural products;Second, pay special attention to the quality and safety of agricultural products, "output" "tube" two aspects;3 it is to pay special attention to the progress of science and technology, especially in the development of modern seed industry, foster new type of professional farmers have big moves."A" is to comprehensively deepen rural reform, increase vitality to reform, promoting development, and strive for the right to the contracted management of land approval registration agencies, land circulation and developing the new type of agricultural management main body and other aspects of a breakthrough.Various departments around the four aspects: the key work units, peg, grasp the results, give prize.At the same time, to overall consideration, to the point with surface, be the key work a breakthrough, regular work not relax.

  Second, is to grasp the opportunities.Good at seize the opportunity to finish the key work.Must be good at to grasp the opportunity, in analyzing the global broaden, maintain sensitivity, further strengthen the consciousness of opportunity, to seize opportunities.To strike while the iron is hot, and, for those routes, the momentum to solve the problem.Want to do, do, and be good at in front of the opportunity in getting, holding tightly, break the routine, go all out, to take all feasible measures, to mobilize all available factors, make work toward favorable direction.

  Third, is to grasp implementation.Grasp the implementation of the deployment, cannot stay on call, do want to have a detailed work plan, have a clear goal, feasible measures, a specific person, to ensure that leadership in place, responsibility, measures in place, the work in place, the result is in place.To a personally stresses, significant matters to dry personally led you, to do the deployment is the inspection, the problem is the way, the difficulty is the countermeasures.Grasp the implementation to the nail, settle down, look for the target, matter, toughness, insist a book after reading it, one thing to grasp, perseverance, YiZhuaDaoDe.Grasp the implementation of the key to grasp key, the key issues to include performance management, at the end of contrast examination, do a check in a year.

  Fourth, is to strengthen the resource integration.All up and down to strengthen the consciousness of overall situation, firmly establish the idea of "chess", and in such aspects as policy, fund, technology, talent not sprinkle pepper, promote the integration of resources and efficient use, form a strong force for promoting the development of the "three rural".To strengthen the authority departments and institutions of power consolidation, play to their respective advantages, promote the key work force.To strengthen the power of the national agricultural system integration, through policy guidance, financial arrangements, performance management, the typical drive, push the agricultural system power on the global work, focus on the key work up, and the dynamic, should the pattern.In order to strengthen the integration of capital projects, merge out of a batch of influential major projects, to producing, advantage area, modern agricultural demonstration zone and other key areas, to finish the key work.

  Five, is to strengthen the investigation and study.To the grass-roots level, fully research, and to the people, earnestly listen to the opinions of the various aspects of advice, avoid by all means is simple, one-sided, take it for granted.To highlight the key, deep penetration, figuring out the key point, the main direction, what problems may arise in the implementation process, what specific measures.To condescend, remove bureaucratic AIRS, grass-roots level, in-depth on the line, understand the public opinion, grasp the real situation, work understanding of the situation, study the question.Should carry out special investigation and case study, less abstractly, broad research and promotion of sea-front research method, found that summarize the experience, push on the solution.To do from perceptual to rational, from the specific to the law, never to have ideas.

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