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In the next five to 10 years in pig feed market will increase by leaps and bounds

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China feed industry association information center, according to data from 2002 to 2012, China's feed production is increasing year by year, average annual growth rate of 8.9%, among them, the average annual growth rate of 9.8% in the fodder.In 2012, the commercial feed production 194.49 million tons, up 7.7% year on year, among them, the pig feed production 77.22 million tons, up 13.1% from a year earlier.

Look from the amount of each type, pig feed and meat and poultry feed grew rapidly and egg feed, aquatic feed and ruminant feed small increase steadily year after year.The proportion of each type of feed on the basis of the relatively stable fluctuated.2007 is the volatility of a turning point, the proportion of pig feed down to the minimum 32%, the proportion of meat and poultry feed up to a maximum of 30%.Since 2008 the pig concentrated feed and premixed feed proportion constantly narrowed, the proportion of compound feed gradually expand, the pig feed production proportion is rising year by year from 2008 to 75% in 2012, especially since 2009, increased by 11% in the four years.2012 swine feed ratio amounted to 75% of the total output of pig feed, pig concentrated feed by 33% - 33% of the total output of the interval dropped to 17% in 2012.China feed industry association information center, according to data from the pig feed is growing rapidly in south China, south China 2002 swine feed production more than 300 only 300 tons, to 2012, 14.8 million tons, up nearly 5 times.In 2012, east China, central China and south China pig feed production combined accounted for 67% of total national output.

From 2002 to 2013, the pig feed are in wave rise, the average price of 1.55 yuan/kg growth in 2002 is 3.42 yuan/kg, increase more than doubled, average annual growth rate of 7.42%.For nearly three years, in order to fatten pigs feed average price rise is the largest, followed by premixed feed and concentrated feed.Pig feed from 2010 in 2012, up from 2.75 yuan/kg, 3.22 yuan/kg, or 17.2%, 1 November 2013 cumulative average of 3.42 yuan/kg, total year-on-year growth of 6.5%.Pig amount of high base, to create space for commodity pig feed demand.In late November 2013, according to the ministry of agriculture issued with sequential values, also grew by 0.2%, year-on-year growth of 0.7%, the amount of base stability slightly growth;The country can although numerous sow the amount in the callback from month to month, but still at historically high levels.Overall, nearly 11 years in pig feed in China have a breakthrough, greatly improve the degree of scale, the next 5 to 10 years there will be a leap of pig feed market in China.


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