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Feed phytase technology breakthrough in our country

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Researcher at the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences institute of feed extracellular and research team, in order to feed enzyme molecular biology, gene engineering research and development of industrialization, and make the basic research and industrial application of feed enzyme has realized great-leap-forward development from scratch.

In mid and late 1990 s, China has become the second largest feed producer in the world, but feed additives especially feed enzyme preparation research level are far from the western developed countries.Feed enzyme preparation can not only reduce the use of antibiotics in the feed and other chemical additives, to provide more safety, high quality of animal products, and can significantly reduce animal waste of nitrogen, phosphorus and other organic matter content, reduce environmental pollution.At the same time, enzyme preparation can improve the utilization rate of feed and develop a new feed resources.When enzymes of domestic market mainly occupied by foreign companies.

Through 20 years of continuous study, the team established a relatively perfect feed enzyme technology platform for basic research and product development, obtained many achievements of scientific research.Phytase, for example, the price of phytase in the domestic market from foreign companies entering China in 1995 dropped by 24 times, add costs fell by nearly 70 times, use this unit technology, production of phytase phytase product occupies the domestic market share of more than 90%, basic exit foreign products in the Chinese market.In addition, phytase application can reduce feed calcium hydrogen phosphate added 5 ~ 7 kg/ton, deduct add cost of enzyme preparation, which can reduce the cost of feed 12 yuan per ton, the products are widely used can save feed calcium hydrogen phosphate, 200000 tons of material above, save feed costs about 900 million yuan of above.Still can make the animal waste of phosphorus emissions by 40%, phosphorus cumulative emissions of 4 million tons.Enzyme application can greatly improve the utilization rate of feed, carbon, nitrogen and organic matter in the animal waste emissions reduction of 5 million tons.To realize the economic, social and ecological benefits "three win".


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