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How to safely use the feed of livestock and poultry feed

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  Safe use of feed of livestock and poultry, is the key to ensure the safety of livestock and poultry health and animal products, to do safety material, should pay attention to the following article.

Don't contain toxins green plant sorghum seedling, south being, potato, corn seedlings seedlings in contain cyanogenic glycosides, single stomach after livestock feed, can cause hydrogen cyanide poisoning, severe cases will kill.Cyclobalanopsis, oleander leaf, neem leaves, drunken horse grass, horsetail grass, whin grass, poisonous milk vetch, stingless mimosa, hemlock, Chinese azalea flowers, que, Perilla, castor leaves, such as pig excrement bean plant, all contain toxins, be careful not to used to feed livestock.Feed cattle, donkeys buckwheat seeds or straw, also can cause disease.

Without drugs firmly without clenbuterol hydrochloride (lean meat powder), sedatives, hormone drugs, antibiotics and antibacterial drugs is added in the feed, can neither make use, but also implement the withdrawal period, to prevent drug residues damage to human health.

Don't metamorphic feed by the harm of diseases and pests of crops straw, with sweet potato black rot, accumulated for a long time or simmer white leaves, radish leaf, sugar beet, Swiss chard vegetables such as feed, due to the improper preservation and gone mouldy wheat, corn, bean cake, peanut cake, fish meal, blood meal, meat meal, silkworm chrysalis powder, such as feed, take out time is too long of silage, suffer from various feed of rat harm, contain the harmful ingredients of livestock and poultry, cannot use.

Careful contains toxin protein feed cottonseed cake contains free gossypol, meson glucoside is contained in rapeseed cake, these toxic substances will not only direct damage to livestock and poultry, can also harm humans by livestock and poultry products.Therefore, before using cottonseed cake and rapeseed cake, must pass a full detoxification treatment.

Careful swill feeding pig swill containing napkins, plastic bags, chopsticks, toothpicks, cigarette butts, broken bones, bones, pull TAB, JiuPingGai, shells, and even broken scales, such as broken bowl of ballastless sundry, born cooked all the swill easy to microbial contamination, which can cause serious harm.Use swill feeding pigs, we must grasp the following several principles: cooked separately, classified collection, strictly to eliminate all kinds of foreign bodies and gone mouldy, excessive food, fermented to boil disinfection, before using the limited feeding, washing or diluted, as far as possible need not swill feeding pregnant sows.

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