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Reasonable choose fish feed feed method

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   1. The feed grade of choice

Suggest fish breeding break-even point as the main basis, when single kilo fish is less than the single kilo fish aquaculture feed costs should select low grade of feed;When the single jin fish is higher than the jin of aquaculture feed costs, appropriate choice of high-grade feed, and the grade, the higher the more price advantage.

  2. The selection of the feed particle size

The size of the feed particle size, usually choose fish mouth cracked longitudinal 1/4 ~ 2/3 the length of the range, according to the natural crack mouth fish specific options.Such as crack mouth larger grass carp can choose longitudinal crack mouth slightly larger proportion 1/2 ~ 2/3;White fish, bream fish, carp choose smaller proportion 1/4 ~ 1/3.And the feed length to diameter ratio is based on the variety of the specific, generally in 1.5 ~ 2.5:1.Before buying the aquatic feed, therefore, must first make sure of the specifications of the fish size, and according to the specification size of fish, reasonable to determine the appropriate feed particle size.In this way, both neither can cause feed waste, also won't affect fish feeding.

  3. The choice of feeding method

(1) the importance of breaking food.Fish generally requires first domesticated to surface concentrated feeding, then to start the normal feeding.The feed method can be flexible, most of the time in 3 ~ 10 days, the longest do not exceed half a month, namely can training success.Many people think the food won't even trouble breaking, or lack of patience, training is not successful.To how looks like the fish, such as production budget know nothing.The benefits of domesticated fish floating feeding: can directly observe the growth of fish, specification size, feed used varieties, reasonable selection of particle size and amount of feeding control;According to the market and benefit budget, flexible control fish growth speed, timely listed in order to obtain good returns, and so on.Visible, the importance of breaking food is self-evident.

(2) pay attention to feeding method.Feeding method has a lot of standards, such as: feeding speed, feeding area, feeding times, the location of the bait casting machine, etc.Feeding method should be flexible according to the specific situation to grasp the adjustment.Such as big grass carp, bream fish, carp collection mode, the grass carp eat fast, appetite is big, bream fish, carp feed "gentle", if do not pay attention to feeding method improvement (feeding speed and expedite, shot feeding time, etc.), bream fish, President of crucian carp is not big.Fish always thinking method of feeding and breeding effect, so as to take timely measures to adjust the improper feeding method in order to improve the breeding benefit.

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