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Reduce the sow childbirth stillbirth seven management skills

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To decrease the rate of sow piglets stillbirths of childbirth, it is necessary to prevent sow prolonged labor, and try to reduce the time to the litter.Strengthen management prevention in production:

1. Control the sow childbirth body condition, avoid too fat or too thin.The practical work of sow childbirth body condition should be back in full, there is a flat, not any bones is outstanding, the following at the lumbar spine, ribs and pelvis behind the front should have a pit, fertilized sows without pit.So should be based on more than 98 days before the pregnancy sow in fetal growth and development regularity and sow body condition measure of do a good job in limit raise pregnancy to prenatal 3 days shall be 100 days full freedom to gather the food, so can not only improve piglet birth weight, and prevents the sow before fat.

2. The sow antenatal must limit of material feeding.In order to reduce the negative impact of the gastrointestinal burden to breed the sow antenatal is 3 days (the due date shall prevail) start to limit, limit the standard for the material: prenatal 3 kg per head per day, 3 day before 2 days each 2 kg every day, prenatal day 1 per head per day 1 kilogram, sow childbirth, litter when not feed meal, after half a day to feed 0.5 kg, morning sow farrowing, for example, in the morning sow feed, feed 0.5 kg in the afternoon, litter in the afternoon, afternoon stop feeding, postpartum morning feeding 0.5 kg, 1 in the afternoon also feed 0.5 kg, postpartum 2 days each 2 kg per day, postpartum 3 kg per head per day, 3 days postpartum four days - free feeding weaning.Namely antenatal is limited material from more to less, postpartum feeding from less to more, to prevent the sow postpartum indigestion.

3. To prevent the sow antenatal constipation.Recommended to sow 1 week before and after childbirth, stir in 1% sodium sulfate and 0.5% in the feed of rhubarb, soda ash can be soft and moist, the sow waste to defecate expedite, conditional pig can use lactation into better.

4. In order to strengthen the cooling purposes of pregnant sows in summer work, especially in late pregnancy sow and obstetric table sows in labor, pregnant sows limit breeding, density, heat dissipation is difficult, especially in late pregnancy sow to gather the food, after eating increased body heat, temperature is 0.5 ℃ higher than feeding before, 39.5 ℃, when the 102-102 days of pregnancy sow body temperature for a long time to maintain the temperature, the childbirth piglet stillbirth rates rise, therefore, when the ambient temperature at 30 ℃ above, recommended interval of half an hour to carry on the spray cooling breeding shed pregnant sows, sows in labor blunt water cooling for delivery, try to reduce the influence of heat stress on the sow.

5. For delivery is litter, should be kept in the quiet and is especially important for a first-timer sows in particular, when the sow irritable, breast massage can make its quiet, is very meaningful to promote the smooth delivery.

6. Dry mucous, piglets born after drying after MAO, immediately on the next to sow breast milk, through a sucking piglets nipples, can stimulate the sow the hypothalamus secrete oxytocin, cause uterine contractions, not only helps to smooth delivery, shorten the labor, and conducive to milk.

7. Do a good job in vaccine prevention reproductive disorder, timely treatment of sick pigs especially fever sows.

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