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Feed prices pig farmers still call can't afford to lose

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Recently, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) out to start the second central reserve pork for purchasing the news of the rescue work, the journalist learned from the department of commerce of henan province, our province secondary build-up is not on the agenda.Pork purchases can rescue?Reporter discovery, launched the first in our province since April this year after a build-up, recently our province pig price has risen by more than one yuan per kilogram, but high production cost, farmers still so heavy breath.

  Purchase and storage policy even check out prices slump in 19 weeks

"Down, down, or fall."When it comes to their pork breeding business in 2014, city of henan province nanyang WoLongOu shiqiao pig farmers lv of astronomy.At the end of 2013, the pig price matches the 8 yuan per kilogram, but after a winter, pork prices are no longer warm don't come back, the lowest even sell less than 5 yuan per kilogram.In the face of the unsustainable farming business, originally also invest in new farming LaoLv pig website ready to expand sales, didn't that, not only shrinking breeding scale, site also no point.

Like lu astronomical "decadent" farmers throughout the country now, since this year the prices tumbled, let our province pork retail prices have fallen more than thirty percent from the same period a year earlier.

Henan province department of commerce commissioner of market operation regulation, to introduce far ling, to curb prices fell quickly, protect the interests of farmers, in April this year, our province has started the pork reserve measures, the first batch of frozen pork reserve nearly 10% arrangement for purchasing in our province.Pork prices have rallied for several days recently, ended the nightmare for 19 weeks of slump.

The recent news that the national development and reform commission will begin the second central reserve build-up of frozen pork.To ling said, provincial department of commerce has not yet received the relevant notice, but according to past experience, henan second purchase or will expand in the near future.

  Can't afford to feed prices rallied farmers still call kui

Wave after wave of pork for purchasing action, whether can reduce farmers loss?"Prices just go up a bit, feed up more."Lu astronomical such replied.

He told the reporters, pork price is the lowest in April, pig to buy only 5 yuan per kilogram, now already has risen to 5.6 yuan per kilogram.Can be accompanying, now pig feed mainly corn and soybean meal prices are also soaring.Recent corn prices have risen from about 1 yuan per kg to 1.1 yuan, and the soybean meal is rose to 3900 yuan from 3000 yuan per ton, up more than 20%.

For price rising income disappear up the current situation of breeding, Feng Yonghui explanation, this year the northeast corn mildew problem clearly, lead to high quality can be used as feed corn production, soybean meal is also facing a crisis of scarce.So in the pork market oversupply, and feed market demand greater than supply, under the present situation of pig food than have fallen to their lowest level in nearly 15 years.The pork prices rose slightly in the first wave of purchases before starting work, therefore affected by the purchase is not big, but because the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, the market demand, so the end of may pork prices will fall again.

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