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To prevent the fatty liver are added in aquatic feed raw materials have?

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In recent years, aquatic feed ingredients like grease to add more and more, fish fatty liver problem also more and more serious, in the high fat feed under present situation, how to effectively control fish fatty liver, become numerous aquatic topics of mutual interest.Feed production, raw materials are commonly used to prevent fatty liver to add?Liyang zhengchang feed technology co., LTD. Department compiled the following:

A, bile acid

Bile acid, cholesterol, degradation of metabolites in the liver, is the important component of bile, plays an important role in intestinal fat metabolism.Bile acid mainly exist in the enterohepatic circulation system and certain protective effect by recirculation.

1. Promote digestion and absorption of lipids
Bile acid molecules containing hydrophilic hydroxyl and carboxyl, both within and hydrophobic methyl and hydrocarbon.At the same time, the space of hydroxyl and carboxyl ligand and metal type of alpha, the main configuration, thus, bile acid, hydrophilic and hydrophobic two sides of the molecule has the characteristics of surface active molecules, and can reduce the surface tension between oil and water two phase, promote the lipid emulsion, enhance lipolysis function of the pancreas, and through the formation of mixed micelle improve lipid solubility, promote the intestinal absorption of lipids.

2. Inhibit cholesterol in bile precipitation precipitation (stone)
Bile acid also has to prevent biliary Shi Shengcheng role.Cholesterol poorly soluble in water, when storing with bile in the gallbladder, bile is concentrated in the gallbladder, cholesterol precipitation, but because of containing bile acid in bile salt and lecithin, cholesterol can make the scattered form soluble micelle and less prone to precipitation stone formation.

3. The relationship between bile acid and cholesterol
Bile acid (1) for provides an important way of the excretion of cholesterol metabolism.A third of the catabolism of cholesterol are realized through the bile acid synthesis.
(2) the absorption of bile acid have negative feedback regulating effect on bile acid synthesis itself, and therefore to the decomposition of cholesterol from negative feedback adjustment.

Second, the choline

Choline is a strong organic alkali, the components of lecithin, the precursor of acetylcholine.Choline heat resistance, little loss in the process, dry environment, even if long time storage choline content in the food and almost no change.

1. Promote fat metabolism
Choline has affinity to the fat, can promote fat in the form of phospholipid by the liver through blood out or the use of fatty acids in the liver itself was improved, and prevent the abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver.If there is no choline, adipose accumulate in fatty liver in liver, is sick.

2. Lower serum cholesterol
Choline and phospholipids have good emulsifying property, can prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall and remove part of the sediment, at the same time improve the fat absorption and utilization.

Three, inositol

Inositol is a water-soluble vitamin;One of the vitamin B group, muscle as kiss fatty alcohol and choline vitamin, also known as the ring has six alcohol.Can promote the metabolism of cells, contribute to development, increase appetite, used in the treatment of liver fat disease, cirrhosis of the liver disease.

Four, betaine
Resistance to fatty liver disease: long-term (75 days) of rats oral, can increase the level of phospholipid in the blood and liver;Beforehand, or to take the goods at the same time of rats caused by carbon tetrachloride liver lecithin, total cholesterol content in reducing, and improved;For BSP, SGPT, alkaline phosphatase, cholinesterase transcripts test have been changed.Chinese wolfberry - on the lipid metabolism or the role of fatty liver, mainly because it contains betaine, which ACTS as methyl supply body in the body.

Fifth, allicin
Allicin is the function of cardiovascular by lowering serum total cholesterol, blood pressure, inhibit platelet activity and reduce the effect such as red blood cells deposited, reduce blood viscosity.Allicin on cholesterol value and can inhibit the increased amount of fibrinogen, can improve the activity of fibrinolysis.Allicin antihypertensive mechanism may be through the calcium antagonist, expanding peripheral vascular function, can also be through collaborative antihypertensive effect.

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