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The beans to cause a chain reaction

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Imports of soybeans to the port of progress will not slow down obviously, aquaculture living may decline again, plus the bean futures also started a correction, comprehensive judgment, domestic soybean meal price in May is expected to fall.

Peripheral bearish has increased, on the bean futures, the author expects short-term beauty bean test probability.Under the influence, coupled with the domestic soybean meal supply may increase and a decline in demand factors, such as soybean meal market is likely to be over high and volatile prices, following the beautiful bean fall.

Bad suppress the beans fall continuously

Last week, the United States imported soybean coming to Hong Kong and the United States soybean planting the weather good fundamentals, such as news, inhibit the bean futures fell.As of last Wednesday, CBOT soybean may contract closed at 1469.5 cents per bushel, a 3.07% drop from the previous week's closing price of 1516 cents per bushel, and four losses for the first time since last November.

According to Reuters, originally sold to China two ship Brazilian soybeans have to resell the United States, the amount of soybean by Japan's marubeni sold about 126000 tons, next month to American ports;There are rumours that at the same time, Argentina soybean meal on May 1, a ship arrived at U.S. ports, which will help to relieve the tense situation of the domestic soybean supplies.

In addition, the United States soybean seeding time begin to enter the new season, according to the weather forecast shows the recent weather may improve in the Midwestern United States, help to soybean planting.

Short-term U.S. beans may break down

Soybean as the new season began seeding time, market focus is shifting to the seeding weather and progress.

According to monitoring data show that since April 21 (at) the major soybean producing areas rainfall is 115% of the normal level, average temperature 0.6 degrees lower than normal level, each producing rainfall, the temperature difference is not big, overall is in good weather conditions, conducive to soybean planting.

The United States department of agriculture in soybean planting progress report released this week for the first time the new season, the report may be market for beauty bean sowing important basis of judging and therefore may determine the bean futures at a critical point in the direction of the trend.

Combination of technique, as of Thursday, the United States bean main continuous contract received out of the "four Yin", 5th line dead fork 10 lines, at the same time, the futures below 20 line not only, also preliminary below the trend line since late January;Although have 30 lines below support at present, but the distance is not far, as the line continues to move up, the individual and medium-term average will gradually bonding, will usher in a short term direction.

Comprehensive the above analysis, the bean futures this week may be short-term directional selection, preliminary judgment, will choose to break down, below support at 1400 and 1420 cents.

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