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Poultry antibiotic use in the Netherlands in 2015 further reduced by 70%

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On March 18, 2014-2013 poultry farming in the Netherlands antibiotics usage drop goal, as early as 2012 has achieved.A New Year, the government of the Netherlands or a more rigorous antibiotic use restrictions.

  The Dutch breeding the determination of reducing antibiotic use

2012 SDa () released data show that the poultry industry on involving the use of antibiotics, implement faster than other livestock and poultry animals.

In 2012, has achieved introduced by the government in the Netherlands antibiotics "50% less in 2013 than in 2009" the goal.As a result, the government has decided to further reduce the use of antibiotics is very necessary, the government has decided to reduce use of antibiotics in 2015 70%!

Each department in animal husbandry, antibiotics usage in 2012 than in 2011 dropped by 15%.In this performance from pharmaceutical companies submitted to vet through the analysis of the digital, animal drug sales, has declined.According to the Fidin company data, animal husbandry and aquaculture in the Netherlands in 2012 sold a total of 249 tons of antibiotics;According to the number of delivery and use of livestock farm registration record, a total of 262 tons of antibiotics have been used in 2021.Are looking for difference between 13 tons of reasonable explanation.

In 2012 average antibiotic drugs days was 19.9 days

Now only 2012 of 762 chicken farms use registration data, the farm antibiotics used 16% less than in 2011.Poultry farm in the use of antibiotics is said by drug treatment days a year, 2012 is the average processing days RouJiChang 19.9 days.

Is given priority to with the first generation of drugs chicken breeding, has now turned to the third generation and the second generation of the use of antibiotics.Dutch veterinary drug administration, says farmers in farming for the third generation of antibiotics seem to be more interested in, this is the part of the fluoroquinolone drugs.These drugs are used in human health care, breeding farmers and veterinarians use these quinolone class, mainly used in some drug-resistant bacteria.

 "Operation target, warning," the supervision level

In order to solve the problem of antibiotics in the livestock breeding, has developed a three levels: target level, the warning level and action level."Action level" (red) farms, immediate action is needed to;"Warning level" (orange) indicates what rural have higher antibiotic usage, it need extra attention."Target level" (green) farms, you don't need to take immediate action.

Although livestock antibiotics in 2012 dropped sharply, but the Dutch veterinary drug administration is still severe, said: "it is worth attention is, the largest animal husbandry use user classes almost no reduction", "to this question, poultry breeding in a positive way to stand out and used to solve the problem."

In the level of "action" group, about 124 farmers in 2012, among them there are 34 days per year on average per family of antibiotics use.In 2011, when 179 poultry farmers in the level of "action" group.A total of 63 households farmers, in 2011 and in 2011 with the level of "action" group.In the "action level ´ chicken farmers, they have a responsibility to take action to reduce the use of antibiotics. In the end by the vet decided to reduce the use of antibiotic solution together with the farmers.

The Dutch state secretary Dijksma economic affairs and the minister of health Schippers, said "the importance of public health is still the top priority", the government made it clear that the application of antibiotics in animal husbandry have to fall further in the next few years.

Hubers is the President of the poultry farmers organization LTO/NOP, actively promote reducing antibiotic use for years, he thinks the use of antibiotics to reduce, you know about this.His approval from the government point of view of the importance of public health, must reduce antibiotic use.In the field of human health care, pathogenic microorganisms to the antibiotic resistance is increasing.

In the field of animal antibiotic resistance are worthy of attention.All farmed animals e. coli, for example, at least 37% to resistance to antibiotics amoxicillin - common human.

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