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13 weeks: lysine market activity increases

Number of visits: Date:2014-03-29

A, this week market were reviewed

13 weeks (2014.03.24 03.28) in 2014, because of the mainstream manufacturers dacheng, and jie ting, increase downstream inquiry, purchasing willingness to strengthen, the market is relatively early active.98.5% lysine content offer concentrated at about 6.5 to 7.5 yuan/kg;70% lysine content of quotation 4.3 4.6 yuan/kg;65% lysine price at about 4.1 to 4.3 yuan/kg.Plum flower open quotation this week 98 lysine 6500 yuan/ton, 70 lysine 4400 yuan/ton, threonine 10600 yuan/ton, tryptophan 100 yuan/kg

The 2014-03-21 price reference to the 2014-03-24 price reference or fall

In domestic 98.5% domestic 70% domestic 65% domestic domestic 70% domestic 70% 98.5% 70% 65% 98.5%

East China area 7-7.64.4-4.64.1-4.36.5 7.54.3-4.64.1-4.3 - $0.5 to $0.1 -

7-7.64.4 in southern China - 4.64.1-4.36.5-7.54.3-4.64.1-4.3 - $0.5 to $0.1 -

7-7.64.4-4.64.1 - in southwest 4.36.5 7.54.3-4.64.1-4.3 - $0.5 to $0.1 -

7-7.64.4 in north China - 4.64.1-4.36.5-7.54.3-4.64.1-4.3 - $0.5 to $0.1 -

Central China 7-7.64.4-4.64.1-4.36.5 7.54.3-4.64.1-4.3 - $0.5 to $0.1 -

7-7.64.4 in northeast China - 4.64.1-4.36.5-7.54.3-4.64.1-4.3 - $0.5 to $0.1 -

Second, the market analysis

1, the European market situation (stability slightly down)

In Western Europe produces lysine hydrochloride to price 1.12 euro 1.15 / kg, small and medium-sized reflect in the second quarter to the end user price in euro 1.07 1.12 / kg, large quantities of contract price slightly lower.Liquid lysine price in 0.71 0.745 euro/kg now.

2, the recent factory construction condition

Production: because the price is on the verge of profit and loss, shutdown of lysine manufacturer at present, kanazawa, snowflake biological, maxell, zhengda ling, xiao biological, fufeng group, east east hope

Production: the mainstream brand dacheng, when jay, plum blossom, the goods have been cut to digest inventory.Dacheng yue yuen factory has shut down and said DeHui factory will be shut down

3, domestic aquaculture market downturn

Ended March 27, pig all the average price of 10.78 yuan/kg, pig grain ratio was 4.68:1, prices continue to make the pig amount of dropped the downturn, the current oversupply situation remains. In 2014 the first batch of the central reserve pork 13:30 - ticket purchase bidding on March 27th, the listed purchase quantity of 65000 tons of frozen pork.Domestic provinces and cities continue trying to identify H7N9 virus to poultry production enterprise, is the filling bar enthusiasm of poultry raising.Aquaculture is expected to march to the south of the Yangtze river region and gradually, rose.

4, factory already review

Jay: Edward lysine plant has been completed in November 2013, and has started to produce the first batch of lysine.Production capacity of 100000 tons.

Another shenyang lysine factories under construction in China will be launched in the first half of 2014

The plum blossom: xinjiang production factories in 13 years, and lysine expansion from 60000 tons to 60000 tons

ChengFu: ChengFu company in 2013 through cooperation with jiangsu Yangtze river GuiLiu biotechnology group, investment 800 million yuan, again top 3 lysine production line, the annual processing capacity of 200000 tons

New factory in 2014: January shandong dong xiao biological lysine production license, approved 70 lysine a small amount of production, the factory price 4.4

Summary: the factory after the expansion, the global oversupply lysine, serious imbalances, falling prices, manufacturers losses.Currently the lysine market price stability in Europe, the domestic demand for miserable, clinch a deal the courty, price downturn for a long time.Since factory production, production time, this week he jie, dacheng, stop showing willingness to raise prices.Plum flower quotation is still low, ask to increase the market at present, attention and purchase intention.Domestic demand is pale, competitive price, we think that when the factory inventory pressure to slow down, market supply and demand balance, under cost pressure, perhaps a slight rebound.We will continue to focus on dynamic.

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