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Pay attention to the beautiful bean top high domestic soybean meal long empty

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1. The price of letters: whampoa imported soybean delivery price 4200 yuan/ton (40 +);Domestic soybean dalian into the priced 4500 yuan/ton (+ 0);Zhangjiagang general protein soybean meal ex-factory price 3860 yuan/ton (+ 80).Into the domestic rapeseed jingzhou priced 5000 yuan/ton (+ 0) : jingzhou rapeseed meal ex-factory price 2800 yuan/ton (+ 0);Huangpu rapeseed meal delivery price 2850 yuan/ton (+ 0).May shipment import rapeseed CNF544 (+ 1) dollars/ton;February shipment beautiful bay soybean CNF587 (+ 14) dollars/ton;March shipment South American soybean CNF570 dollars/tons (+ 14).

2. Squeezing profits: heilongjiang domestic soybean crush margins - 173 yuan/ton.Jiangsu imported soybean crushing profit is 110 yuan/ton.Guangdong imported rapeseed squeezing profit is 427 yuan/ton.Domestic rapeseed jiangsu - 390 yuan/ton, hubei - 390 yuan/ton.

3. The palm oil: shipping, according to data from the investigation agency SGS Malaysia on February 1-10 JCP palm-oil exports of 308000 tons, a 8.1% increase over the same period of 285000 tons last month, but still low, for the same period in recent years the monthly exports from a year earlier to 429000 tons.Among them, about 60000 tons, exports to China down 40% compared with last month over the same period of 100000 tons, and is far less than 93000 tons a year earlier.

4. The USDA: supply and demand, according to a report in February to the United States department of agriculture is expected to 2013/14 Brazilian soybean production is 90 million tons, from the previous month forecast raised 1 million tons;Argentina is expected to 54 million tons, from the previous month cut 500000 tons;Are expected to reach 9.3 million tons, Paraguay is raised 300000 tons last month.Year 3 South American countries production respectively 8200, 4930 and 8200 tons..

5. Rapeseed: since middle and later periods of the lunar New Year holiday, a massive cooling of the country.Is on bolting and flowering period, the rape of the fight cold ability is low, the recent snow and cold weather cause serious influence to the normal growth and lead to rape bud which seas, rape root activity decreased, the plant growth is slow, precocious rape seed setting rate drop, disease heavy wait for a phenomenon.And according to the weather forecast, a cold air is still active in the short term in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze region.

6. South American soybean: research agency said, Argentina soybean crop looks good, but the recent rain has caused flooding of farmland, local flooding, soil and plant restoration needs a few days dry weather, but more rain in the next few days expected, this worries market soybean production may be damaged.A Buenos Aires trading on soybean yield estimates unchanged at 53 million tonnes.

7. South American soybean harvest: according to the consultancy Safras & head, according to a report by January 31, 2014, the Brazilian soybean harvest completed 6%, up from 3% last week, the progress and the same period last year.The historical average harvest progress is 4%.


USDA2 in supply and demand report, no new subjects, although from the previous month to trim the expected output of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay's expected yield increased, the overall still raised the prospect of soybean production in South America, this limits the rise of international soybean space.Yesterday the bean callback continue to trend higher, end of the main contract, continue to challenge high before near 1340 cents, if recently closed breakthrough, is expected to continue to surge.Domestically, although we in domestic soybean meal long term from empty, holding the idea of more complete, but recently have short-term uncertainty, after being retreated back again.

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