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Gm has affected the feed enterprises

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For a long time, the debate about genetically modified (gm) never stopped.Just starting in September of last year, cui yongyuan and fang because transgenic bar on, then make gm this topic more attention.Originally discussed is whether stay in the human consumption of genetically modified agricultural products harmful level, later gradually developed, has involves the application in feed on genetically modified products.Last December, Mr Liu was asked by reporters whether the new feed contains the question of genetically modified (gm).New hope as a listed company, Mr Liu was fess due to cost considerations, the import of genetically modified corn is used as the feed of the facts.For inquiries about the other reporters, Mr Liu is not much response.

As one of the important bulk feed ingredients, soybean meal feed consumption reached 40 million tons in 2013.Soybean meal is crushing, more than 80% in the soybean are from imports.Static books as an industry media person, must pay close attention to genetically modified dynamically.Each netizen in our soybean channel, weibo, seeing a lot of genetically modified dynamic micro letter.Some netizens put forward opinions, genetically modified (gm) problem is among the very taboo, that is a bad thing for our industry, you as the media, also to spread, this is not to move his feet with a stone.Static book thinks, although we both belong to the livestock industry, but our labor of the media, to spread information is our fundamental responsibilities.And, China's imports of soybeans has more than 60 million tons, so the objective facts, not we don't admit as does not exist.Source: China feed industry information network

Here we look at liu yonghao again, remember to ask the time of reaction as a listed company, in the mass of gm "fearful", his comments will be important effects on the company's share price.Rare is Mr Liu in the face of the media, is always calm and rational.Already answered the reporter's question, also did not have a negative impact to the company.Liu yonghao response, each big website to reprint, but this week I hope stock is not affected, steady near $13.

Today, the number online March 12, an article on the "DBN's undertaking, worth in genetically modified (gm)" spread on the Internet.Is NongYeWang dragged out by a gene, it is the head of the people said that the site has hired Mr Fang and DBN's undertaking, worth.Filming a documentary and broke the site planning to rebut cui always dollar last year in the documentary.According to these fact DBN's undertaking, worth, vice President, chairman secretary Chen Zhongheng said: "our company more than twenty thousand employees, division is much also, is there a fang xuanchang this person also need to verify, if this thing had a great influence on the company, we will timely disclosure of information."

Transgenic battle has not a definite conclusion, remains to be seen, anybody or institutions are hard to come up with a good reason to persuade the public.DBN's undertaking, worth as the most valuable farming enterprises, and in 2013 in the breeding of environment performance, and handling the case also need to be careful at this time.Although gm still needs more scientific explanation, but still need more considering the public's acceptance.

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