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China's soybean imports in March is expected to 5.1 million tons

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Beijing, March 24, message;According to schedule, in March 2014, the import volume is expected to about 5.1 million tons of soybeans to the port, the end of the previous three consecutive months of decline, also far higher than the same periodlast year (March 2013) of 3.84 million tons.Port of the east China area is expected to 2.85 million tons, 1.44 million tons, in southern China liaoning region of 360000 tons, 450000 tons in north China.

Customs statistics show that China imported 4.81 million tons of soybeans in February 2014, down 18.6% compared with January 4.91 million tons, but from a year earlier (February 2013) of 2.9 million tons of sharply increased by 65.9%.Five months before the 2013/14 total imported 28.34 million tons of soybeans in China, rose 30.2%, to 21.76 million tons last year.

In February, according to the monitoring imports of soybean oil to the port of the average price of $970 / ton, dipping 21 dollars/tons, tax payment cost about 7410 yuan/ton;Vegetable oil imports the average price of $1111 / ton, dipping 11 dollars/tons, for a third consecutive month-on-month drop, tax payment cost about 8470 yuan/ton;Average import palm oil price is $852 / ton, up $10 / ton, tax payment cost about 6520 yuan/ton.

Monitoring, according to China's soybean import in February 2014 to the port of the average price of $579 / ton, the increase in the price of $11 / ton in January, the second consecutive month-on-month rise, or to the port of tax payment cost about 4220 yuan/ton;2013 our country imported soybeans to port an average price of $603 / ton, 2012 annual average price is $598 / ton.

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