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Soybean journal: affected by beauty dish up Soybean futures rose spot

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  Spot on

Oil domestically: today the majority of heilongjiang province has stopped, by squeezing profits is low and the pig market downturn, and the influence of factors such as bird flu, makes the soybean meal demand and difficult to soybean prices.Northeast soybean food price 4320-4900 yuan/ton, soybean food upside will be limited.Today import soybean port distribution price 20 yuan/ton.Huangpu, Shanghai and nantong region for 3920 yuan/ton;Lianyungang, tianjin and Qingdao, etc for 3940 yuan/ton.

International aspects: Thursday, U.S. soybean spot prices remain stable, as the spring approaches, because farmers need to finance spring sowing, farmers selling interest slightly faster.Listed as the harvest of the new crop of South America, the United States soybean exports will slow down gradually.Argentine soybeans in the spot market prices, soybean clinch a deal the price is 2580 pesos, 2640 pesos on Wednesday.Argentina on Tuesday rosario grain exchange will be 2013/14 cut 300000 tons, Argentina soybean yield prediction data of 54.7 million tons.In contrast, the United States department of agriculture on Monday are expected to reach 54 million tons, Argentina soybean production in line with last month's forecast.

  In the futures

U.S. futures: U.S. soybean futures rose on Thursday, because earlier this month the price plunge has low and round of buying.Soybean close is far lower than the intraday high, due to the late sell-off.Signs that demand for exports fell less than expected, and Argentina shipment is slowing, also provide support for the market.CBOT soybean in recent months contract soybeans closed in March 1390.75 cents, up 9 cents, peak of 1404.25 cents, low of 1377 cents.The main contract may soybeans closed 1396.25 cent, up 9.25 cents, peak of 1412.5 cents, low of 1380.75 cents.

Domestic futures: on March 14, affected by the beauty dish rose yesterday, dalian Commodity Exchange soybean today concussion run after opening, closing up.Main contract at 1409 4367 yuan/ton, the highest 4381 yuan/ton, the lowest 4356 yuan/ton, the closing price 4364 yuan/ton, up 10 yuan/ton.

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