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The negative effect on the egg bird flu are played down

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Since late January, although H7N9 cases still often appear in each place, the egg spot market average price by its negative influence has been falling, but if the current market around the wholesale price of eggs into a line can be found, from south to north around the egg price from high to low trend obviously, frequent H7N9 avian influenza in egg prices but are higher than many other areas, which showed that the pattern of eggs on the spot market is changing.

Dalian egg futures, meanwhile, is out of H7N9 avian flu to the negative impact of the market rebound at the bottom of the egg futures since, and active trading, futures appeared especially recent frequent fluctuations, market a total of more than 130000 hand.In recent months, with distant months futures market appeared a greater differentiation, the existence of the contract between the larger gap for entity enterprise and investors hedge and arbitrage in the market opportunity.

New era futures Wang Chengjiang eggs analyst told futures daily reporter, before a period, due to demand into the seasonal off-season, combined with H7N9 bird flu let people reduce the egg consumption, domestic egg stage spot prices appeared more severe fall bottom prices.However, with the recent rapid rebound, the temperature around H7N9 tend to reduction in the number of new cases of bird flu, part of the southern region has days no new cases, the market for H7N9 bird flu subject hype is drawing to a close.At the same time, the egg spot market demand is out of the trough, which are conducive to egg prices return to normal.

Analysis into the egg futures daily trading volume, open interest since mid-february the numerical change trend can be found, such as egg futures has acquired some current capital scale, the main contract holdings rapid expansion, as well as the total scale of holdings in the near future stability above 130000, and the trend has continued to expand, this aspect shows H7N9 avian flu to the negative impact of the market is disappearing and transformation, on the other hand shows that after H7N9 severe repression of bird flu, egg has been coming into the market or market opportunities are caught the attention of investors.

"The price of eggs the running law of according to all the year round, egg prices generally at the bottom in March of each year, followed by restorative rise."Wang Chengjiang thinks, if appear again considering the maximal H7N9 bird flu has made domestic laying hens CunLanLiang severity shortage, egg prices in March is expected out of a wave of rising prices.In addition, the current egg futures contract there is a big price difference between may and September, as of yesterday, closing price is close to 700 yuan/ton, already carry on the technical trading opportunities, which is beneficial to further active market transactions.

At present, Shanghai, guangzhou, hangzhou and other places to live poultry markets are closed policy or halt trading policies, laying hens breeding and eliminate layers around the sales is limited by large, domestic poultry industry still faces many difficulties, the poultry industry seedlings conservation, as well as the future of laying hens breeding scale recovery process will experience a longer time.Before this, although egg market prices will also influenced by H7N9 bird flu to a certain extent, but it has not decided the main factors of price movements, its negative effect on the egg market has begun to fade.

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