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China's feed production topped the world's first in 2013

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Global feed output rose 1%, global feed production reached 963 million tons in 2013, and 2012 of 954 million tons.Survey found that the feed industry output value of more than $500 billion, $350 billion more than originally estimated.Feed prices contributed to the increase of feed industry output value, the 2014 feed prices are expected to fall, so feed industry output could reach 2014 in 2013.

"We were stunned, global feed output didn't exceed 1 billion tons in 2013 mark, the aftermath of the global feed production growth will be decided by the consumption of animal protein. Dry weather may be the cause of low growth in feed production, global countries affected by the drought in 2012 more than 30, so as to raise the prices of feed raw materials and food," autor's global vice President and OTT's global survey feed head Aidan Mr Connolly said, according to our records, Asia is the highest region in the feed production and feed prices, fattening pig feed average price is $524 / ton, laying hens and breeding poultry feed prices of about $480 to $553 / ton.With grain prices fell sharply in December 2013, we expect 2014 respondents said feed prices lower again, make the forage yield a strong recovery in 2014.

In the survey of 130 countries, China in 189 million the total output of 189 million tons of feed and feed enterprises once again topped the first, the United States and Brazil are separated in the second and third place, including the United States produced 169 million tons of feed, feed the number to 5236, while Brazil's 1237 feed enterprises were produced 067 million tons of feed.

The survey also found that the decline in the number of feed companies in China, OTT said that this could be because the Chinese government tend to reduce the amount of feed mills, expand the scale, in order to improve the traceability and improving the quality of feed, is another reason for consumers in urban areas can supply protein demands of processing of large farms.

If compared with percentage of growth in December 2012, and then once again become the fastest growing regions in Africa.South Africa, Kurt dia, Senegal, countries such as Mauritius and namibia, the forage yield were improved, the Africa 2013 7% increase to feed production, fodder gap narrowed to 031 million tons.Overall, the six research areas in Asia again topped animal feed production, its feed output reached 348 million tons, accounts for more than a third of the global total feed production, but in 2013 Asia was not increased feed production.Feed mills in the Middle East's largest, the highest annual average feed production.Integrated global situation in the enterprises, 2013 feed mills in the world's average output of 34000 tons.

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