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On February 25, 2014 soybean meal soy early analysis in this paper

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【 The soybean import and export dynamic 】 soybean import tariff rate was 3%, the soybean export tariffs to zero.Released by the general administration of customs import data show that in 2010, the year accumulative total imported 54.8 million tons of soybeans, up 28.8% from a year earlier.Full year 2011 total imported 52.64 million tons of soybeans, the cumulative number fell 3.9% year on year, rose 18.9% in the aggregate amount.In 2012, the total imports of 2012 tons, quantity increased by 11.2%, compared to the same amount of rose 17.6%.Full year 2013 total import 2013 tons, the cumulative number increased by 8.6%, compared to the aggregate amount of rose 8.6%.Soybean imports in January 2014, 5.91 million tons of quantity increased by 23.7%, compared to the amount increased 11.2% year-on-year.(Yu Ruiguang)

【 U.S. beans fundamentals 】  soybean export sales data and Brazil delayed harvest the double impact of CBOT soybean futures market extended gains on Monday, in recent months contract prices hit its highest level since September last year, far month contracts under the long-term supply pressure or smaller, beans disk present strong pulp oil weak situation.Recently, frequent extreme weather around the Brazilian, parts of continuous drought caused serious influence on crops such as coffee, sugar cane, markets are watching closely the drought will affect the country's soybean production, rainfall, and Brazil's largest soybean producing states to soybean harvest delay, which may affect the country's soybean exports.Futures markets Monday domestic beans after suppression Yang first, follow the outside dish back bounce.Market is expected to import soybeans in February to Hong Kong will still historically highest level during this period, the amount of oil around the current overall capacity utilization is higher, bird flu outbreaks continue to impact soybean meal demand, lack of demand for support of the oil market shows no city has a price.(Yu Ruiguang)

【 Brazil of even today's operating advice 】 weather hype to heat up, the bean market continued rebound.Domestic production soybean spot is flat, soybean futures is relatively independent, the contracts dip rebounded in recent months, but the upside is limited, more likely to maintain their current position for delivery.Distant months still focus on policy, still the low-priced imports of soybean.Maintain oscillation is expected today even the market trend, it is recommended that investors remain oscillation, can buy low gaoping small holdings more than single.(Yu Ruiguang)

【 Beauty even soy meal today operation suggestion 】 bean continued rebound rhythm, Brazil's weather is a major concern.Restart domestic soybean meal futures market rally, distant months of buying at the bottom of the active.Domestic soybean meal more than the spot price is running near 3900 yuan/ton, the pig market weakening, avian influenza has not been effectively controlled, especially in southern China poultry breeding enterprise demand for soybean meal and rapeseed meal, domestic pulp market upside resistance increased obviously.Is expected today without even opening soybean meal with high outside dish, intraday high drop probability, recommends that investors remain oscillation, the original single can meet high underweight.(Yu Ruiguang)

【 CBOT soybean oil operation Suggestions today 】 high fall, technically still upward rhythm;Ma Pan palm oil hit a high after taking pressure recently, external oil market as a whole is still at the rebound.Recent domestic oil market as a whole to follow outside dish to keep strong, market bearish mood ease, but more belong to passive to rise, the lack of oil demand with its momentum is still inadequate.Squeezing domestic manufacturers starts back to normal levels, oil inventory showed increasing state.Today is expected to follow outside dish low open domestic grease plates, recommends that investors appropriate reduce its original single.(Yu Ruiguang)

                                                                                                                             (the author: Yu Ruiguang) article source: cic futures

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