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What are the cold feed additive

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Whenever the chicken of thermophilic afraid of cold, cold cold season, health and production performance degradation, consumption is expected to increase, the lack of egg production, easy colds and other respiratory infections.If the appropriate additive was added in the feed, can play a role in the cold hardiness.
Vitamin D can promote calcium, phosphorus absorption and utilization, contribute to the formation of bone and shell.Winter sunlight, less vitamin D supplement in time is very important.
Cod liver oil mainly contain vitamin A and vitamin D, enhanced physique, improve eggshell quality and because of the chicken to lack vitamin D3 paralysis, enhance their ability to cold stress.Winter, the eggs are prone to respiratory system disease, the use of cod liver oil adjuvant therapy, can repair the respiratory tract mucous membrane, protect the integrity of the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract, to prevent viruses, bacteria invasion.
Vitamin E hen egg optimum temperature is 16 ℃ ~ 24 ℃.Winter low temperature to cause a decline in ovarian performance, lack of egg production.Chicken feed add vitamin E, can strengthen the metabolism of ovarian function, improve the rate.Winter ratewas application of vitamin E, can enhance the body of the cold hardiness and disease resistance.
Vitamin C with anti-infection, detoxification and anti-stress effect, can increase the chicken to cold and disease resistance, prevent infectious diseases, improve the rate.
Moxa leaf powder contains protein, fat, amino acid, chlorophyll, aromatic oil and a variety of vitamins.Add 2% of the diet, can strengthen the chicken body heat preservation performance, increase the rate of 5%.
Calcium can promote bone growth and the composition of the shell.Winter low temperature, less light, chicken and demand a corresponding increase of calcium, and is of extreme importance to chicken filling calcium.
Chili powder is rich in carotene and vitamins.Winter in chicken, 1% of the chili powder is added to the diet can raise chicken KangHanLi and rate of 8%.
Choline in cold environment, choline, chicks application has resistance to cold, cold stress, promote growth, improve the survival rate, and so on.
Iodine in the thyroid gland secretion of thyroid hormone, speed up the tissue cell oxidation process, increase the quantity of heat, raise the body cold heat preservation, and so on.Iodine is one of the important components of thyroxine, fill iodine can strengthen cold heat preservation effect.
Iron deficiency, iron animals fight cold ability is reduced.Laying hens iron is also very important.
Zinc zinc application during the winter, to strengthen the body metabolism, maintain body temperature, improve the ability of cold stress.
Garlic taste xin wen, belongs to the warm feed additives.Chicks diet added 2% of garlic, can improve the survival rate of 9.6%;Laying hens diet added 2% of garlic, can improve the rate of 9.8%.

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