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DBN's undertaking, worth: high growth of pig feed all increase profit growth to 71% in 2014

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  Integrated service platform has the upswing, pig feed 2014, 2015 revenue growth worry-free, we judge the year-on-year growth of around 50%

Platform in each factor: in 2013, the company front-end service personnel (including startup) to 16000-16000, an increase from 100% to 120% from the end of 2012, 7500 people, to help dealers develop & service pig market ability improved;Fission, internal organization to accelerate to 150 group, 2015, 1500 combat team, will hold a new human quickly boost output;Use the company net wealth dealer customer number in ERP system to 1000 units, customer network transactions amounted to 88% of annual sales, is expected to rise to 95% in 2014, the great liberation of dealer's time and energy;Facing farmers pigs pipe network in the second half of 2013 online after the customer has more than 100, the scale of these new customers become attractive.In conclusion, DBN's undertaking, worth running comprehensive service platform has in earnest, we can judge, in the fourth quarter of 2013 pig feed revenue by more than 60% year-on-year growth, 2014, 2015 can be increased by about 50%, and still could exceed expectations.

  Vaccine, breeding pigs are expected to rely on the platform to realize leap-forward development, seed industry foundation, etc

As the pig feed on the basis of integrated services platform to enter, DBN's undertaking, worth to start on the relevant business of vaccine, breeding pigs, and borrows the platform to realize leap-forward development opportunity is very big.Among them, the staff 1600 people, 2013 vaccine industry sales are expected from the current 200 million in three to five years later in 1 billion;Company in 2013 to accelerate the breeding business layout, the core of the original number of swine is expected to 5000, 2014 in the first five.Limited by environmental degradation, lack of protection of intellectual property rights and competition in the industry constraints, such as land scattered DBN's undertaking, worth corn, rice seed industry fell in 2013, is expected and there was a significant improvement in.The seed industry at the last big into solid foundation stage, still have a chance in the future.

 Locking rural DBN's undertaking, worth strategy "platform" and wisdom, will greatly promote the company continue to grow ability

DBN's undertaking, worth information level has been far ahead in the agricultural enterprises, the company has also been around it to enhance the competitiveness of the core business such as pig feed, such as customer service network, net fiscal system, pigs, etc.After years of preparation and attempt, first determine the DBN's undertaking, worth "wisdom" and "platform" strategy, of which the former refers to relying on the business of pig feed, around about 20000 core distributors, specifically for rural villages and towns of the information flow, logistics, capital system, which is around the dealers, farmers, to build their business class "taobao" service platform, support and encourage them to start a business.Urban and rural duality is China's unique characteristics, we believe that the city has the Internet and copied to the rural business model transformation is feasible, DBN's undertaking, worth money, organization and personnel condition, and can be based on the mature pig feed industry chain, successful opportunity.If so, the company continued growth ability will be improved greatly.

  Increase EPS forecast about 10% in 2014

Consider pig feed accelerates the development of business, we increase EPS forecast in 2013-2015 by about 4%, 4%, 10% to $0.49, 0.82, 1.4, year-on-year increase of about 19%, 19% and 71%.We believe that with the revenue and net profit growth in the first half of 2014, will drive the market to understand pig feed industry a revolutionary change in the business mode and DBN's undertaking, worth lead.

Companies operating risks mainly displays in: serious pig disease;In 2014 the company cost investment than expected.

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