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The development of functional feed additives on the poultry

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As the animal nutrition, physiology, breeding, biological, chemical, biological engineering, pharmacology, microbiology and so on the development of the multi-discipline, now feed additive has the fusion of different subjects and a variety of new technology.Therefore, the current and future a period of time, the development and production of feed additives, will present the following nine major development direction:

Science and technology.With the further development of science and technology, the technology content of feed additives, science and technology will become an important symbol of the development of feed additives.With the advancement of feed additive industry science and technology progress, there will be a group of high technology content of feed additive varieties, so as to drive the feed industry to develop in the direction of science and technology, promote the development of feed industry, animal husbandry to a higher level.

Specialization.At present, feed additive industry still attached to the feed industry, pharmaceutical industry and other related industries, specialized level is not high.With the continuous development of farming scale, will be dramatically increased demand for compound feed, quality requirements and continuously improve, it will effectively promote the professional development process of feed additive industry.

Series.As feed additive industry to develop in the direction of science and technology and professional, feed additive species and varieties of series and will further differentiation.Zhengxing Beijing sea tide has developed a series of functional additives, such as poultry population health care proposal, according to current situation of the current our country poultry production performance, to adjust the chickens body reproductive endocrine system, digestive system and mechanism of the immune system for product design, in a safe, green, environmental protection, no drug residues for the purpose of the product design, research and development of the three series of functional additives for use in poultry, namely improve the fertilization rate, hatching rate and the rate of egg products, with the growth of diarrhoea weight products, nutritional products, and enhance immunity in human food security at the same time, the chicken group one of the biggest mining production performance, so as to maximize the increase farmers income.

Environmental protection.With the improvement of people environmental protection consciousness and the need of sustainable development, environmental protection will be the future of feed additive feed additive development priority.Some side effects such as especially antibiotics larger feed additives after being phased out, as a new generation of products research and development, environmental protection will be more obvious times feature.The future development of feed additives, should be able to use resources reasonably, polluting the environment, does not pose a threat to human health, there is no drug residues and other side effects.

Efficient.Efficiency is a major direction in the development of future feed additives, feed additives of efficiency, depends on the feed additive technology progress and improve.Under the condition of market economy, various feed additives production unit will attach more importance to basic research of the feed additive, and constantly develop new varieties, so that the feed additive varieties constantly updated, effect will be improved obviously.

Functionalization.As people living standard rise, people on animal products is also put forward the new special requirements, such as the color of the animal products, meat, taste and health care function, etc., and most of these requirements must be achieved through the function of feed additives, therefore, the functionalization of feed additives is also one of the great future development direction.Feed additives have health care function and a kind of additive has a variety of functions will become a highlight the development of feed additives, has great potential for market development.Zhengxing Beijing sea tide biological technology co., LTD., creatively put forward the large-scale chicken poultry reproductive nutrition health management idea, the patented product "egg," has a unique "to extend the peak of egg production, improve egg" function.

Economization.With the intensifying of market competition, the economy further reflected of feed additives.Feed additive in addition to have good effect and production performance, economic performance is quite important also.Only has the good economic performance and the input-output ratio of feed additives can be accepted by the masses of feed manufacturers and producers, widely promotion and application.

Facilitation.The future of feed additives should be more close and convenient in practical application, therefore, trace amount and premixed is also a direction of the development of the feed additives in the future.

Eutrophication.Nutritional factors are key determinants of health.The crowd health is to improve the egg production performance, the basis of eggshell quality reproductive nutrition have a certain relationship with laying hens.Add reproductive nutrition care instead of antibacterial drugs, can improve the health level of laying hens;Add reproductive nutrition, can adjust the endocrine function of poultry.Patent product is added in the layers of material "egg," can realize laying hens nutrition requirements for reproduction.

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