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Industrial feed production in sichuan in 2013 continue to grow

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In 2013, is the feed industry is a tough year.In the face of the frequent occurrence of "bird flu", "instant chicken", "the huangpu river of dead pigs" social concerns, such as in the face of livestock demand downturn, feed raw material price fluctuations, such as adverse factors, the entire province feed industry stand the test, overcome various difficulties and challenges, the province's industrial feed production forecasts for the first time in the national feed production for many years down, keep continue to grow.According to statistics, in 2013 the province's industrial feed production reached 10.679 million tons, 660500 tons more than last year, increase 6.59%.From the point of feedstuffs, compound feed production 9.422 million tons, up 8.13% from a year earlier, compound feed production accounted for 88.23% of the province's total, 1.25% increase from 2012.Concentrated feed production 949700 tons, fell 7.03% year on year;Premix production 307300 tons, up 8.43% from a year earlier.From the point of forage varieties, 2013, 6.5662 million tons, the province of pig feed production rose 10.81% year-on-year, pig feed production accounted for 61.49% of the province's total, 2.34% increase from 2012.Egg production 1.1719 million tons, up 0.54%, meat and poultry production 1.9497 million tons, fell 0.32% year on year;Aquaculture production 796400 tons, up 1.69%;Ruminant production 118000 tons, up 2.70% from a year earlier.Its main features:

1. The feed industrial concentration trend highlights.Statistics show that by the end of 2013 there are 716 feed and feed additives production enterprises in our province, enterprises reduce 44 number from a year earlier, the feed processing enterprises in 542, less than in 2012 26.2013, 10000 annual output of 10000 tons of feed enterprises, increase on the previous year 17, output 9.7555 million tons, year-on-year increase of 729800 tons, accounted for 91.35% of the provincial total feed production;Annual output of 50000 tons of feed enterprises 58, year-on-year increase six, output 6.79 million tons, year-on-year increase of 492300 tons, accounted for 63.58% of the provincial total feed production;Annual output of 100000 tons of feed enterprises, 26, 1 increase on the previous year, output was 4.3827 million tons, year-on-year increase of 110600 tons, accounted for 41.04% of the provincial total feed production.

2. The large group enterprise in sichuan and accelerate pace of expansion.2013 drive successively in deyang, leshan, dazhou, respectively, the twins are also great, leshan factory production.In group enterprises in sichuan and aggregate output ranking, displacement of 908500 tons, topped the province first;Twins followed by 829300 tons, in the province the second;3 to 10, in order, zhengda, fighters lux, tong wei, new hope (11.75, 0.00, 0.00%), star, wanda, the phoenix, three.The above 10 group companies in sichuan and accumulative total output reached 5.4147 million tons, accounted for 50.7% of the province's industrial feed production, has become a veritable and even the vanguard of the national feed industry in sichuan province.

3. The gap between municipal feed production.In 2013 feed production in our province of the top five city for chengdu 4.015 million tons, up 0.20%;Meishan 1.537 million tons, up 2.95%;Mianyang, 1.188 million tons, up 2.50% from a year earlier.Deyang 900000 tons, up 25.70%;Leshan 524000 tons, up 16.44% from a year earlier.The five city, accumulative total output reached 8.164 million tons, accounted for 76.45% of the province's industrial feed production.

4. Gradually improve the feed quality and safety.In 2013 to 628 in the province of feed production enterprises of 2153 batches of feed products, in the "whole" monitoring product monitoring qualified rate 98.24%, increased by 0.06% year on year;Monitoring management link 434 batch of feed products, monitoring the percent of pass is up to 97.01%, compared with last year increased by 0.16%, for the record;Link in the production and operation of combined monitoring feed sample 2587 batch, monitoring the percent of pass is 98.03%, increased by 0.05% year on year.The province of feed quality and safety incidents has realized the "zero".

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