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Grasp the peak spring cattle breeding

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Spring is the peak period of cattle breeding, but climate changes, morbidity and high mortality rate.So the spring to strengthen management, scientific breeding conception, make sure both doing well, improve the reproduction rate.

 Just the cow breeding

Each day each head of cattle feed 50 grams of salt and 1 ~ 2 kg of barley, corn and soybean etc blisters smash the mixed concentrate.A feed grass after drinking water first, after waiting for cattle eat five or six into full, feed mixed concentrate, drink weak brine, stay cattle out grazing after 15 ~ 20 minutes rest.Save water and ye4’s grass isn after grazing back into the house, let the cattle feed water and freedom.Cow b fertilizer can increase the quantity, more forage coarse material and juicy.Too thin is more concentrate and green feed, strive to reach before mating medium body condition.

  Estrus cow breeding timely

Cow estrus excited, after constantly screaming, tail up high, white translucent mucous, vulva outflow by hand to knead into 7 ~ 8 cm filaments.Cow estrus last 18 hours, lasts 12 ~ 22 hours, 10 ~ 15 hours after ovulation occur at the end of the heat.Therefore, cow breeding time is: if the heat on the 8 ~ 10 am breeding, filling with 7 ~ 8 am the next day;If the heat in the afternoon, the breeding the next day morning, afternoon or evening to fill with one more time.

 Cow oestrus induced ovulation

Cow genital normal but not heat or miss estrus, pregnant women urine are available, and PVC female phenol triad hormone, mating diol cow estrus ovulation induction, such as mating conception, prevent just in time.

  Carefully feeding pregnant cows

Pregnant cows to satisfy themselves and of the baby's nutritional needs, thus to supply high quality compound feed, formula for maize 30%, bean cake 20%, rice 15%, 15% cottonseed cake, 5% rape seed cake, rice bran 15%, moderate bone powder and salt.Every 1 ~ 2 kg of grain feed, green feed and ammoniation feed enough.Feeding time, little to often, drinking water, clear choice place leeward sunningdale grazing, enhance body movement.

  Prevent abortion both doing well

Second trimester should gradually reduce the intensity of use, it is forbidden to smoke cold whip, GanJi live, sharp, heavy service.1 months before the labor stop use prevent miscarriage.If the cow first trimester vagina mucous, constantly look back abdomen, a lie;Late breast enlargement, hance frequency position, abdominal pain, movement to stop is the omen of abortion, to timely treatment, progesterone 0.5 ~ 1 g intramuscular injection are available, and 1 times a day, stay 4 ~ 6 days.Due to insufficient exercise mild cow during childbirth subcutaneous injection of oxytocin 60 ~ 100 units or ethylene female phenol 10 ~ 20 mg, oxytocin effect is better.

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