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Sheep use digestion of roughage

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Excess grain feed poisoning: prevention and treatment available 20-30 grams, baking soda, alcohol ichthyol 10 ml, furazolidone may take orally, 2-3 times a day.

Hemlock poisoning: sheep, after be being fed action, sheep breeding technology of rumen, foaming at the mouth, diarrhea, muscle spasms, more sample of epileptic seizures.200 ml can give 5 g tannic acid or vinegar can be alleviated.

The poisoning: a Wolf poison is also called the graceful jessamine herb.After the sheep feeding characterized by abdominal pain, jumping, throwing up.No specific treatment.Can be take the vinegar right amount detoxification.

Urea poisoning: characterized by mental anxiety, muscle tremors, gait instability, lie groaned, flatulence.Is found that urea poisoning, first take the vinegar filling 200 ml to 300 ml, internal and sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, or vegetable oil, such as a laxative, drum up serious when implementing rumen centesis.If invalid, should increase the dosage of vinegar, making the rumen inflatable gradually disappear.

Salt poisoning: the main symptoms for the thirsty.Acute poisoning sheep oral outflow of foam, excitement, teeth, muscle tremors.Shall promptly give plenty of fluids, and internal and oil evacuant, sheep breeding technology of intravenous injection of 10% calcium chloride or 10% of the calcium gluconate.Subcutaneous or intramuscular vitamin b and rehydration.

Sheep rely mainly on rumen digestion of roughage.Rumen microbial provide a good living environment, microorganisms and the formation of "symbiosis" sheep.Sheep itself does not produce crude fiber hydrolytic enzymes and microorganisms can produce this enzyme, the crude fiber in the feed into digestible carbohydrate.Microbes use rumen environment conditions and the nutrients in the rumen blooms, proteins form a large number of bacteria, with the down of gastric contents and microbial disintegration of death, in the small intestine is absorbed by the sheep using nutrients and get a lot of protein.So, rumen is the key place to sheep use of crude fibre.

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