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Spring laying hens how to maintain high yield

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Recently, in 2014 China symposium on amino acid and feed raw material application, the department of agriculture animal husbandry, deputy director of the department of feed place Mr Li Dapeng in outlook, "2014 China's feed production situation report said:" since February 2013, pigs into new low earnings cycle, prices remain low, living levels drop, the price of live pigs fell to the lowest since nearly three years, in the adaptation stage, still has a way to the improvement of relations between supply and demand, hog prices will remain low. Laying hens on hand, to improve profitability. Look from the law, egg prices will rebound, the situation better than expected 2014 in 2013."

Spring due to the rising of the temperature, illumination time is longer and longer laying hens lay eggs peak, but climate instability, poor management, feeding not ignore led to the decrease of the peak egg production of egg production, degradation efficiency is reduced.Feeding spring layer chicken how to reasonable management, small make up nana summarized below, only supplies the reference!

  A, the adjustment of the chicken feed:

1, the change of energy demand.Layer chicken under the condition of low temperature in winter, metabolic energy content for 2800 kcal per kg, general spring air temperature is warmer, the energy benefit make chicken feed, weight gain, rather than promote chicken eggs, but reduce the rate of chicken.At this time, if the metabolism in the chicken feed content is reduced to 2700 calories, can significantly improve the rate of chicken.The method can reduce the metabolism of chicken feed content mainly is to reduce corn and other grains in proportion to the content of chicken feed.

2, the change of protein needs.The hens lay eggs period need more protein.So, hens lay eggs period the protein content of feed should be according to the improvement of rate increases.When the chicken rate reaches 50%, the protein content should reach 15.5%.Chicken rate after every 10% increase, its the digestible protein content of feed should be increased by 0.5%, but not more than 18.5%.The main method is to add more fish meal and bean cake, etc.

3, minerals need to change.As the hen laying rate rise, the demand for protein also will increase.If calcium deficiency in chicken feed, chicken will be under the soft shell egg shell, no egg, even to pluck the eggs.Therefore, the calcium content of chicken feed at this time should be increased from 2% to 3% to 4%, phosphorus content increased to 0.6% from 0.5% in winter.If the found chicken appear the phenomenon such as poor appetite, want right amount will be increased to 0.1% of the salt content in the chicken feed, feed additives and adding some appropriate minerals.

4, the change of vitamin needs.Chicken with chicken rate of rise, also will increase demand for vitamins.So, want right amount complement at this time.The method is in addition to the added in the feed, the main is to increase the proportion of all kinds of vegetables in feed, chicken feed proportion of green vegetables mentioned about 32% from 15% in winter.When spring chicken rate achieve 75% above, should be increased at 8 PM every night feeding about 15% of the grain feed, in order to meet the laying hens lay eggs period needed for the nutritional requirements.

 Second, the environment control:

Suitable temperature, light, humidity and plenty of air is to improve the rate of the layers are important guarantee.General layers of the optimum temperature was 18 ~ 25 ℃, relative humidity in the 60 ~ 70%, and keep the illumination time every day at 16 ~ 18 h, high low temperature and humidity influence the rate of laying hens.Henhouse, therefore, must pay attention to keep warm, warm and low temperature at night time to put down the henhouse hulls doors, Windows, ground shop 10 cm of straw and sawdust, raising the temperature of the inner;Per square meters installed in the hen house 3 w bulb, lamp to about 2 m off the ground, the distance between the light and the light in a 3 m or so, when the natural light, artificial light to take when less than 12 h is usually turn on the light to the morning 6 o 'clock every morning, it was dark at night lights to 20 points, keep your day light in 16 ~ 18 h.At 10 am to 2 PM every day to open the doors and Windows, intermittent time 10 ~ 20 min, accelerate the flow of the air in the chicken coop, keep the air fresh, create a suitable environment conditions for laying hens egg.

 Three, daily management:

Most layers use fixed number of year is 450 ~ 500 days of age, keep decreasing in 12 ~ 15% a year, to ensure that the layers of the reasonable age structure and high economic benefit, timely eliminate low yield, production of eggs, the sick chicken chicken, too fat or too thin layers.Keep the chickens reasonable density.Outside the henhouse set just the right amount of playground, strengthen the laying hens moderate exercise, maintain good body condition.Management operation the movement wants light, maintain the relative stability of feeds and scientific vaccination and insect repellent, avoid sudden power outages, water, cutting and broken light, reduce stress on the chicken group, affect the rate.

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