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Coincidence method change your tofu to feed

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Tofu is the by-product of the production of tofu and soy milk, crude protein and crude fat content is very high, is a kind of cheap and fine feed.But raw tofu contains antitrypsin and some toxic substances, so when pigs must control the dosage, better heating cooked for 15 minutes before feeding, to increase palatability, improve the utilization rate of protein absorption.

With fresh tofu pigs, pig stage dosage is 5% - 5% of the diet, the dosage of the ZhongZhu stage to control within 15% of the diet, the dosage of the pig control within 20% of the diet.When fed to match a percentage of the corn and bran and mineral raw materials, and feed add some green feed, in order to satisfy the growth of pigs.

Feed the chicken with tofu, the dosage of the chicks phase to control within 6% of the diet, the amount of chicken phase to control in the diet of 6% 15%, the dosage of the chicken in the stage to control the ration of 10% 12%, the dosage of the big chicken phase to control in the diet of 15% 18%.

Duck, goose, a little higher utilization of crude fiber, the dosage of the tofu in their diet than chicken diet dosage of more than 5%;Feeding cattle, sheep, tofu than chicken increased by 10%, the dosage of late in cattle, sheep fattening, dosage should not exceed 25% of the diet, otherwise it will affect meat quality.

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