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  • Name: Yeast Powder
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Yeast powder :  40%  45%  50%  55%  60% 

Function of yeast powder:

1.This product is a kind of microorganismformulation .The vegetable protein has been turned into unicellular protein byyeast ,which can be digested and used by animals easily.   

2.This product is rich in vitamin,microelement, various enzymes and eighteen types of amino acids it has passedprovincial appraisal for its advanced technology domestically.

3.This stuff is a good feedstuff of poultry,fish and shrimp for supplying protein .It can help animals to digest andgrow,to improve ability of resisting disease ,to heighten producing level andrate of lower the cost of raising,so it can replace fishmealpartly.

 yeast powder

Dosage of yeast powder:

1-3% for poultry ,fish and shrimp.

2-5% for domestic animals (pig, cattle,sheep,etc)

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