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Choline Chloridefor Oil Industry

(New Environmental Clay stabilizer)






1. Specification :






Commodity Name : choline chloride  liquid

Molecuklar Formula : C6H14NCLO

Molecularweight : 139.63

CAS No. : 67-48-1



Technical Index              




Colorless transparent liquid

PH value(10% aqueous solutions)


Anti-swelling rate,%  


Solidifying point



21 mPa.S( at 21 )

Flash point

boiling when heated to 140 

no flash no combustible


nearly odorless

Specific gravity


Melting point (pure choline chloride)



30,000 mS/cm( Ms=micro Siemens)


(please kindly contact us and wewill provide you thecomplex formulafor Drilling fluid for your check )



2. Product introduction :






In the past two years, the oil drilling compositions products in the oil extraction process contain toxic and hazardous substances, aroused great concern for the destruction of the environment, soil, under ground water quality.

Used as drilling fluid additives. Choline chloride has no pollution to the environment,and it is biodegradable, low in prices, also it has excellent performance and completely ahead of the drilling fluid requirements. Choline chloride belongs to the small molecule organic amine salt, thus it can promote the exploitation of low-permeability oil and gas fields, which is a great role in promoting the exploitation of the shale gas.




3.The main purpose of the choline chloride :





1)Choline chloride in clay stabilization for the oil and natural gas industries.

   Recently oil drilling companies had replace Potassium Chloride(KCL )with choline chloride(also known as2-hydroxyethyltrimethyl ammonium hydroxide). Potassium Chloride(KCL) which isused in preventing the swelling of clay as a temporary clay stabilizer. However,the use of KCL in drilling carries environmental concerns as chlorides do not degrade and can enter surface water carrying heavy metal including cadmium and mercury.

   Choline chloride offer an attractive, effective and more environmentally responsible alternative than other clay stabilizers. Oil drilling grade choline chloride reduces the amount of chlorides released into the environment up to 70 to 75% when compared to KCL.

   When using choline chloride, the mass fraction is as low as 1%-2%,while inorganic salt is over 3%. Therefore, by using choline chloride in petrol drilling, the inhibitory. effect is better.It’s compatible with other drilling auxiliaries, nontoxic and biodegradable.It’s a excellent petrol drilling auxiliary. Choline chloride can stable the shaft and deliver bit cuttings, increase the underground safety and machine’s rotate speed.


2)Choline chloride generally classified as a vitamin of  B complex Choline occur sin man made in the form of choline chloride. It is used by most animals as a precursor of acetyl choline ,which influences the transmission of impulses from nerves to muscles. Therefore,choline is widely used as feed additive at home and abroad. It will stimulate the animal or poultry’s growth, put on their weight rapidly and boost up the boby’s immunity function. So it is a new material which is Green organic environmental safety from all the process of drilling without any pollution.


3)Biodegrade ability of the Choline chloride

   Choline chloride has the ability to biodegradable easily (93% can be biodegradable within 14 days .Testmethod : MITI-I Test)



Storage : store day and cool place. To avoid heat ,humidity and intense sunshine during storage and transportation.


Packing detail : 1100KG/IBCDrum  22MT(20 Drums)/ 1X 20’FCL


Delivery terms : 15 days against your order


Scope of application :

1)Water flooding of Oil-Garfield


3)Oilfield work over

4)well flushing

5)Well pressure control

6)Well completion



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