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Yeast Extract

With fresh brewers yeast as raw materials ,yeast extract is produced by high efficient wall-breaking,directional enzymatic hydrolysis,refining and purification and pray drying process etc.It is rich in protein,free amino acids,small peptide,nucleic acid,B-group vitamin,microelement etc. which can efficiently improve feeds palatability ,reduce digestive tract disease, enhance immunity, stimulate animals potential production and promote animals is ideal biological feed of yeast source for poultry, aquatic livestock and special animals.

Functions of yeast extract:

1.Food calling:rich in glutamic acid and sapidity nucleotide,  , good palatability, high attractant.

2. Promoting growth:high digestibility for protein and nutriment, improving feed reward.

3. Repairing:rich in nucleic acid,repairing and improving the damaged intestinal mucosa.

4. Absorption:easy to absorb, improving the level of intestinal health, preventiing and treating diarrhea

 yeast extract

Proposed Dosage of yeast extract:


Recommendation deosage

Desired Effect

Adding into drinking water



2.5-4 kg/mt

Rich in water soluble vitamins, minerals, peptides, amino acids, stimulating the liver to promote digestion, reducing the heat stress of chicken group.



2.5-5 kg/mt

Effectively improve the intestinal micro ecology , repairing the damaged intestinal mucosa , promoting the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Adding into feed


Teach slot material


Food calling , repairing the intestinal mucosa damage , promoting digestion, making up for a lack of nucleotide synthes in rapid growth period, enhancing the body's immune.

Nursery stock


Promoting the body cell replication and proliferation, enhancing immunity, improving liver function and lipid metabolism, promoting growth, shortening feeding period.

Young ruminant animals


stimulating the metabolism of rumen microorganisms, maintaining the balance of bacteria, increasing the total amount of rumen microorganisms, improve use ratio of silage, coarse feed etc.

Special aquatic products


Promoting the deposition efficiency of feed protein, improving the utilization rate of feed and improve the uniformity of growth rate and fish populations.

Other  animals


Promoting the absorption of trace elements, improving hematopoietic function, enhancing the appearance index of fur, strengthening the body health level


Package: 25kg/bag

Shelf life: 18months

Storage: Avoid sunlight ,Keep away from dump

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