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Nutrient characteristics

  Fish mealNutritional value depends on the nutrition characteristics of fish meal, fish meal production of fish meal of raw materials and processing technology.The nutrient composition of common features are:

High biological value: high quality imported fishmealproteinContent over 60%, some as high as 70%;Domestic high-quality fish meal protein up to 55%.Various high amino acid content and balanced, so its biological value is high, is a balanced diet of high quality animal feed poultry.

Higher energy: fish meal contains high fat, imported fishmeal fat accounts for about 10%;Domestic fishmeal standard is 10% to 14%, but some as high as 15% - 20%.Therefore, the metabolism of fish meal to chicken, usually in the 11.7-12.55 million kilojoules/kg.But the easy oxidation of fat, often cause and vitamin AVitamin EAlong with the oxidation and the lack of oil, and oxidation of fat to heat up, is one of the causes of fishmeal spontaneous combustion.

High calcium phosphorus: fish meal 3.8% 7% 3.8% 7% calcium, phosphorus, calcium, phosphorus ratio 1.4-2:1, fish meal, the better the quality, the higher phosphorus content, phosphorus utilization ratio is 100%.But in the process of storage, due to chemical decomposition, phosphorus become elemental phosphorus was freed.Elemental phosphorus ignition point is very low, do not need to fire can be natural, this is fish meal to the second reason of spontaneous combustion in the process of storage.

A high content of trace elements: fish meal contains chicken commonly used six kinds of trace elements, especially the highest content of zinc and selenium.According to the analysis, per kilogram of 97.5 151 mg sea fish meal containing zinc, tuna fish powder as high as 213 mg, freshwater fish meal is 60 mg;1.5 2.2 mg/kg sea fish meal containing selenium, tuna powder up to 4-6 mg.

Rich in B vitamins, especially rich in choline and vitamin B2.According to the analysis, per kilogram of Peruvian fishmeal contain vitamin B27.1 mg, 9.5 mg pantothenic acid, vitamin H390 micrograms, 0.22 mg folic acid, choline, 3978 mg, 68.8 mg niacin,Vitamin b12110 micrograms.

Contain unknown growth factor: the accurate composition has not been purified, so undecided, but its effect on promoting growth is recognized, and for sure.

High digestion rate: chicken for fish meal protein and fat digestion rate of 91% 93% and 78% 91% respectively.

High salt content: imported fishmeal salt content from 1.5% to 1.5%, domestic fish meal standard prescribed by the state are: secondary fish meal 4%, level 3 fish meal 5%, but the actual is not adulterated fish meal were overweight, some as high as 15% - 20%;And doping ShiJia fishmeal in recent years the majority of low salt content, individual false fish meal is less than 1%.Due to the salt content is high, easy absorption of moisture, beneficial bacteria, mold and yeast breeding, cause temperature rise, often agglomerate mouldy or even nature, this is fish meal in the process of storage to another cause of spontaneous combustion.

Comprehensive described above, fish meal is a good balance of protein and amino acid of animal protein feed, and balancemineralsEspecially good feed trace elements.

Fish meal USES

  Livestock feeds, feed for pigs, chickens, and cows and other animals, and these need to contain high quality protein feed, especially the young pigs and chickens.Because the young animals in the exuberant growth period, the demand for protein and require a higher percentage of protein amino acid, fish meal as animal protein, the amino acids and amino acids required in the animal closest to proportion.

Aquatic animal feed: used for aquatic animals such as fish, crab, shrimp, etc. The main raw material of feed protein.Fish and aquatic animals closest to the proportion of amino acids, add fish meal can guarantee aquatic animals grow faster.

Fur animal feed: for some feed such as fox and raccoon fur animals, fur animals are carnivorous, growth in demand for protein is bigger, high-quality fish meal as protein raw materials is the first selection of the raw material for animal feed.

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