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1Squid meal introduction

Squid powder is fresh squid meat by mild biological enzyme extraction or boiling extraction, concentrated and spray drying after becoming squid meal, the biggest feature is in water solution. Effectively retain natural squid flavor, taste and nutrition, high protein content, rich in a variety of proteins, peptides and amino acids. Meat mellow, strong fragrance, used in food can make food unique squid meat flavor and aroma, is the production of high-grade seafood condiment ideal squid meat flavor of raw material, its rich flavor is the other flavor cannot replace, is a current international most known squid meat flavor base material name brand core manufacturers favor the use of high quality and low cost. The extraction of natural squid powder major domestic production enterprises - taste research.

2The scope of application

It can be widely used in high-grade household condiments, applicable to all kinds of soup, cooking, sauce, sauce, canned food, vegetarian, convenient leisure food, leisure and puffed food, nutritional conditioning food, hot pot soup base material preparation industries etc..

3The characteristics of squid powder

1, pure natural, full of meat. With high temperature and high pressure cooking technology leading, extracted from squid meat Xianxiang substances, with strong squid meat, no salt, monosodium glutamate and other ingredients, high concentration, high nutrition, real. The use of pure natural squid meal, will make the soup boil more rich more natural squid meat.
2, advanced technology, by fermentation of aroma, by concentrating and spray drying to form.  
3, the green raw materials, use of the real squid meat as the raw material, nutrition composition has a natural advantage.
4, nutrient rich, easy to use. The protein content of products up to more than 40%, powdered products, saving and convenient use, is not affected by the amount and temperature limits.

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