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  • Name: Selenium Yeast Product
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The company's production of selenium yeast with high quality yeast fermentation products into organic selenium,rich in organic selenium,protein and B vitamins, with characteristics of natural, safe, biological absorption and high utilization , is a new type of green organic selenium products.


Product characteristics

1.Bioaccumulation selenium, it is a natural non-transgenic engineering bacteria strains, using completely with high utilization rate.

2.Biological selenium yeast,the content of biological selenium is as high as 98%,which can enhance the immune function and improve the disease resistance of livestock and poultry.

3.It exists as selenium instead  of amino acids,to be used in the ideal model of animal digestion, absorption and selenium metabolism.

4.The absorption rate of selenium yeast is 8 times more than sodium selenite

5.While use Selenium yeast and VE, can reduce the dosage of VE.



1.To improve the seminal liquid quality of male poultry and livestock, as well as the fertility of female poultry and livestock. Increase in 0.8 alive animal baby each year.

2.To increase selenium content in breast milk of female livestock. Reducing the morbidity of incidence of female mastitis, ect.

3.To increase the selenium content of egg, extend egg production and peak period.

4.To improve the cow and goats milk supply, increase the selenium content in milk, reducing the number of mating of every pregnancy, increase the survival rate of the calf.

5.To improve livestock and poultry aquatic antiviral ability and immunity, reduce mortality.


Recommended dosage:

Adding in the form of premix, 100-200g/t of the Nutritional value of a comprehensive feed. 

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