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  • Name: Chicken Wrapped Cowhide Twists
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Chicken Wrapped Cowhide Twists
Product Name: Chicken Wrapped Cowhide Twists

[Specification] gross weight 825g (8*100 grams of 8 package, each package has bags of desiccant, net weight 500g or so, there will be forty or fifty grams net weight error, at least 460g. If you mind this, please not choose our product)
[Suitable for dog breeds]: all sizes of dogs (recommended for dogs more than 3 months)
This snack has been the old classic products in dog’s snacks treasure. This new product is the update for the original one, the chicken outside has been selected delicious and juicy honey chicken, which superior to the original one both on the quantities of meat and the taste. And the cowhide twists inside has been added into more calcium by the serious and professional factory. While enjoying the treats, pets can supplement calcium, train its teeth and clean teeth as well. Why not choose one for him?

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