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  • Name: Dental Dog Treats
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Name: Dental Dog Treats
Specifications: about 20G/ stick (10 /1 piece)
Size: About 8CM
Shelf life: 18 months
Flavor: Chicken flavor, beef flavor, milk flavor, mixed taste
Production date: See packaging
Storage conditions: It should be sealed under normal temperature, and eat quickly when it is opened.
1.Grinding tooth, reducing halitosis
Choose more digestible, hard-wearing and bite-resistant Dental Dog Treats is good for your dog’s healthy and tooth growth.

2. Fresh breath, cleaning tooth
Dental Dog Treats is hard-wearing, bite-resistance and toughness, it can help clean the dirt on the dog's teeth, freshen the breath, keep the dog's mouth healthy, strengthen the dog's teeth, and prevent dental calculus.
3. Easy to carry and feed
When dogs are outside, we need something to lure it. Individual packaging is convenient and easy to carry outside. Dental Dog Treats is a good choice for you to when walking the dog.
4., training rewards, Enjoy happy time
Dental Dog Treats can be used as training prize, dogs can cooperate with more training. For dogs, it is a kind of enjoyment, and to the owners, it is a better way to communicate with your lovely pet.
1. Safe and rich in nutrition
Without gelatin ingredient, Dental Dog Treats can protect dog’s gastrointestinal health.
2. cleaning tooth and reducing halitosis
A multi-purpose Dental Dog Treats can be used into grinding tooth, cleaning tooth and reducing halitosis, as well as reward toy for dogs.
Nutrient composition:
Crude protein≥26%
Crude fat≥0.55%
Crude fiber≤1.3%
Calcium≥0.25 %
Total phosphorus≥0.3%
Crude ash≤2.2%
Water soluble chloride≥0.8%

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