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  • Name: Inactive dry brewers yeast powder for animal feed
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Product Description

Inactive dry brewers yeast powder for animal feed


     Brewers Yeast Extract Powder As Fish Feed is Selecting fresh beer yeast mud as raw materials and going through a serise of production process,such as concentration,drying,etc,our yeast powder is the optimal bacterial protein for livestock, poultry,and aquaculture. it is rich in 18 types of amino acid,vitamin B complex,organic, organic microelement and minerals.No pullution,no residuce,no toxic and side effects, it is an all-natural,green,and highly effective protein feed raw material.

Crude Protein
Amino Acid
Pure brewers yeast powder 40%
Pure brewers yeast powder 45%

Physical properties:it's yellow or yellow brown powder with yeast's unique fragrance,

Main composition:quality complete protein ,vitamin B complex,microelement and growth stimulating factor product.



Packing & Delivery

Package,Loading quantity and Storage

Package : Kraft bag or compound bag,25kg/bag.

Loading Capacity:20 ton per 20'FCL without pallet,17ton per 20'FCL with pallet .

Store:Cool dry place,avoid sunlight.
Shelf life:12months


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